Birth Stories and Testimonials

My deepest gratitude to all parents who have generously shared their sacred journey in childbirth. I've been inspired by each and every one of these stories. I hope you will too...

My own birth stories are here: 2003, 2007, 2010)

Sher Lee 细心策划的无药物自然顺产


- Sher Lee, 1st-time mum who carefully planned a drug-free beautiful birth (May 2012)

Sela's Drug-Free Natural Miscarriage Story

26th April 2012 was a day to remember when I miscarried my second child at week 14.

- Sela, 2nd time mum whose body has gently and wisely supported her through a natural miscarriage (April 2012)

Li Yen's Rite of Initiation through her Angel Babies

I am no angel. At times, I get angry and ask God “Why is my life so tough?”. His reply is that “You are strong enough. It may seem challenging but you are always supported by my Angels, both seen and unseen”.

- Li Yen, a mother to 2 angel babies. (2013, 2014)

Janatul's Perfect Hospital Birthing Package Story

Muhammad DafiqulhaqqHahasrin (3.73kg)This time I guess it was perfect! Hypnobirthed at a hospital with my beloved husband on my side and a sporting doctor waiting just outside the labour room... that I think, was a good package too! :)

- Janatul, 4th time mum who received her own baby with the blessing of her doctor who practices true obstetrics (from the Latin obstare, "to stand by") (Dec 2012)

Ruzanna's Instinctive Unassisted HomeBirth Story

Daddy's boyAfter more than a dozen surges spanning over an hour, on the final three surges I held on longer. Finally he slid out. Head first.

- Ruzanna, 1st-time mum who was lovingly supported by her sisters in her transition into motherhood (Dec 2013)

Melissa's Calm Labour Despite A Turn of Event Surgical Birth Story

a bundle of joy - day 23I’m thankful however that my doctor had allowed me to experience labor and respected our decision. As what hubby said, what’s important is that we did try our best under the circumstances and at the end of the day, both baby and mummy are safe.

- Melissa, 1st-time mum who laboured calmly with HypnoBirthing and made good decisions for the safety of her baby (Sept 2013)

Ernadia's In Control and Joyful Birth Story

Baby JuliaWhile it’s important to have a good care provider, it is not complete if we do not take responsibility for our own pregnancy and birth. Childbirth classes helped me and my partner understand and love each journey of pregnancy and birth with full awareness and responsibility.

- Ernadia Os’Hara (Oct 2013), a 2nd time mum who prepared her birth physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Bee Hong's Gentle and Loving Waterbirth VBAC Story

Thanks to the gentle birthing method, my labor was shorter, easier, and more joyful, free of harmful drugs, and my baby was born in a more comfortable manner. I was awake, alert, and fully in control. It took less than 17 hours from first contraction until the baby was born and less than 3 hours in the labor room.

- Bee Hong, 2nd-time mum who had an empowering waterbirth VBAC (Jan 2014)

Atiqah's Sleepy and Nonchalent 2nd Unassisted Homebirth Story

Baby Muhammad AslanThe only issue I had to face on was getting the personal birth support as husband would be away doing his masters in the US during the EDD so I had to think about how to maneuver my 3rd birth without a handy 'birth assistant'.

- Atiqah, 3rd-time mum who single-handedly and nonchalantly managed her 2nd homebirth, and was rewarded with a nice surprise! (June 2013)