Birth Stories and Testimonials

My deepest gratitude to all parents who have generously shared their sacred journey in childbirth. I've been inspired by each and every one of these stories. I hope you will too...

My own birth stories are here: 2003, 2007, 2010)

Mian Huay's Stick-to-the-Plan En Caul Waterbirth Story

and now we are 3...It was an Unexpected Pregnancy. We have just got married last year and right after marriage, the pregnancy test kit gave us a shock that I was expecting a baby. Well, financially we have just spent a fortune on the wedding 2 months ago and now that a baby was coming, this might gave us another financial burden. Well, my mum had always said that it is a gift, because not everybody gets to have children as they wanted.

- Mian Huay,1st-time mum who dedicatedly stuck to her birthplan to have a joyous waterbirth in Penang (August 2013)

Dina's Dream-Come-True Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

moments after birthWhen I got pregnant for the second time a year later, I wanted it to be different. I didn't want to experience the same thing as my daughter’s birth. I wanted a more natural birth. No induction, no episiotomy, no unnecessary intervention whatsoever.

- Dina, 2nd-time mum from Johor, who fulfilled her homebirthing dream (July 2013)

Dr. Reshma's In-Control-Despite-Turns-of-Event Birth Story

All in all, I was very happy with my birth experience, even though it didn't go exactly as planned. I was calm and positive throughout it all and I feel the classes were very helpful, especially in dealing with the anxiety and preparing myself mentally for the whole experience.

- Dr. Reshma, 1st-time mum who took charge even when her birthing took an unexpected turn (June 2011)

Sofia Azyze's Epic Unassisted En Caul Home-Waterbirth After 4 Cesareans Story

Baby Darryl (HBA4C baby)Unassisted home-waterbirth after FOUR cesareans with no prior vaginal birth. Against all odds:

- Release of membrane at 40weeks, yet baby was born en caul
- Meconium-stained fluid for more than 24hours
- 4.2kg baby was born at 41weeks and 3 days, lovingly welcomed by the whole family

- Sofia Azyze, 5th-time mum who decided to take charge of her birth and had an epic VBA4C at home. (September 2012)

Teng 的自助在家水中生产的小故事

这胎我选择在家自然生产是因为我觉得这是最原始最自然的生产方式。我这个念头是因为我看了一本书 (神秘的胎儿生活~ 美 托马斯 伯尼著~ 盛欣勇弓旺译)。从书中知道很多新知讯 ,例如催生剂、麻醉剂等药物是会直接影响胎儿。(虽然根据医学是安全的)。

- Teng, 2nd time mum who had a simple home-waterbirth (August 2012)

Nazihah's Instinctive and Ecstatic Home Birth Story

Hari Raya 2013The homebirth of my first baby, Zayd Hamzah, is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to experience natural gentle birth.

- Nazihah, 1st-time mum whose instincts guided her beautiful homebirth (May 2013)

Shukriah's Over-The-Super Moon Unassisted Home-WaterBirth VBAC Story

Super Moon 23 June 2013Woke up to sporadic surges every 10 minutes (lasted the whole day). Having benchmarked previous birth which featured a 3-day surge-fest, wife gleefully proclaimed to husband and doulas that baby will be out between now and Monday (24 June).

- Shukriah, 2nd-time mum who had an over-the-moon instinctive VBAC at home (June 2013)

Yew Peng's Joyous, Drug-free Birth Story

Baby Ari - happy 3 month oldEven before we started thinking about having a baby, we heard (and continue to hear till this day) countless (horror) birth stories of pain and agony, though everyone would end their story with the assurance that the baby is worth all the pain and agony. I understood then that these little wrinkled bundles are received with much joy, but preceded with much fear and pain. Pain that no one could explain, and agony that no one could describe!

- Yew Peng, 1st-time mum who transformed fear into faith (April 2013)

Yasmin's Painless, Devotional Birth Story

I came to a point of firm belief that childbearing is an absolutely natural beautiful process and that even though I am only 4’11, I absolutely could deliver my baby naturally as long as baby is healthy.

- Yasmin Ruth Paranjothy, 1st-time petite mum who surrendered to God for a miraculous pain-free birth, at 43-week! (Oct 2010)

Michelle Wong's Hardworking Labor Day Waterbirth Story

With Dr. ChoongIt was Week 33 and the resolution to make my second birth experience a better one seems to have been pushed aside due to a crazy schedule of juggling work and another child. It was Week 34 and a half before I put my foot down, no more procrastination! And this was when I decided to look seriously into HypnoBirthing.

- Michelle Wong, 2nd-time who laboured for a zen-like waterbirth on Labor Day (May 2012)

Yasmin's Divine Unassisted Homebirth Story

Baby GabriellaMy 2nd pregnancy and birth experience was SO different from my 1st with Zuriel. With Zuriel’s pregnancy and birth, our prayer and belief was that it would be natural and painless and God certainly answered that prayer. But for this 2nd birth, we did not really ask God for a painless birth but for the opportunity to birth SAFE and FAST in the comfort of home.

- Yasmin Ruth Paranjothy, 2nd-time petite mum who homebirthed with pure trust and faith (July 2013)