Birth Stories and Testimonials

My deepest gratitude to all parents who have generously shared their sacred journey in childbirth. I've been inspired by each and every one of these stories. I hope you will too...

My own birth stories are here: 2003, 2007, 2010)

Daphne's Sweet and Serene Unassisted Home-Shower-Lotus Birth Story

I’ve learnt to let go of my traumatizing first birthing experience (it was a painful induced birth for my first born and I know now it didn’t have to be that way) from Wai Han’s class and envisioned how my present birth will be. I’ve envisioned that my birth will be gentle, on dry land, active labor of perhaps only 3-5 hours… I’ve ‘seen’ my baby through my visions… He looks like his brother… It was a very warm feeling to be able to ‘meet’ your baby before he/she arrives… He was very calm in my arms… :-)

- Daphne, 2nd-time mum who enjoyed a shower birth at home (June 2013)

Wai Kuan's Calm and Quiet DIY Hospital Birth Story

Dr Maimon, my obgyn, a very gentle lady in her fifties, gave her normal smile when I showed her our “birth hopes” a month before baby Herng Shan was due. Her only remark was “you are asking for a lot here.”

As you can see, we were, in fact, asking for nothing. All we were asking was for the doctor and nurses to sit back, relax and enjoy the birth with us.

- Wai Kuan, 43yo 1st time mum who received her own baby in the hospital toilet (Dec 2009)

San San's Adaptive Marathon-VBAC Story

VBAC!My first birthing was typical of someone who handed it over fully to others out of, in part, 'that's how others have done it' and in part, the unquestioned faith that the medical caregiver was best positioned to know what to do. I readily opted for an induction so that life was more predictable which unfortunately led to an emergency c-section. So this time, after hearing about a friend's HypnoBirthing experience, was going to get prepared to have as gentle as I could a VBAC.

- San San, 2nd time mum, who had a restful slow labour (the last 2cm took 2 days!), achieved her VBAC by sheer determination and faith (7 July 2013)


Afidah's Detour From Grocery-Shopping to Supporting Birth Doula-Story

My husband asked me who called. “It’s Nik. Yda’s husband.” I answered.
“Why? Is she in labour?” he asked. “Yes. Nik said that she cannot tahan any more with birth ball and she has jumped in the pool already” I explained.
“Then, let’s just go there.” He decided. “Tak jadi beli grocery?” I asked.
“Nanti-nanti lah. Maybe she is in need of emotional support right now” said my husband.

- Afidah Kasim, whose family made a detour from grocery shopping to supporting a homebirth (May 2013)

Munirah's Spiritual Unassisted Home-Water Birth Story

Baby KathrienaOn 22nd August, the EDD given by my obgyn, my husband and I were at the doctor's clinic with no sign of labor. I asked my obgyn if it’s possible for me to give birth at home. Without hesitation he said, "sure, why not!"

- Munirah, 1st-time mum who renewed her faith and trust from a nuchal cord experience (August 2012)

Fay Chin's Calm-Ceasarean-Honoring-Baby's-Time Story

Baby Scott: I was still breech... The ultrasound result was the same when I turned 36 weeks old. The specialist at the health clinic was also worried with me not growing well as I was not picking-up weight (still estimated at 1.8kg) since 32 weeks old as well as head did not grow much. In addition to that, mommy’s water bag was not containing enough water to cushion me and for me to move around (Amniotic Fluid Index <10).

- Fay Chin, 1st-time mum who made an informed decision for a surgical birth and waited for baby to be ready (Nov 2012)

Balqis's Just-In-Time Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

happy familyBefore I knew about HypnoBirthing, I was so scared of childbirth that I didn’t even want to think about it. I was also scared of the contraction or surge that I was thinking of using epidural or even worst, I suggested to my husband to have a c-section so that I need not feel any pain during the labor.

- Balqis, 1st-time mum who checked in & out from hospital at 10cm dilation, just in time to have a home-waterbirth (Sept 2012)


晚上8点看到好几个miss call,是来自马六甲会平!看到她的短讯,说她肚子开始疼痛了。我马上联络回她,看她的情况如何。

- Freya, who supported a hotel waterbirth in Malacca (Mar 2013)

A 40yo Mum's Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

I am a woman, an ordinary woman. Capable of child bearing and all…graduated into motherhood at 40. Most people would ask, “What took you so long?” Nothing, focus had been on work, career, money, the usual stuffs. Not quite a multi-tasker, and no superwoman either. One thing at a time, and when the time came to make babies, my husband and I rocked the bed, and 9 months later, out came a baby. This is our story.

- A 1st-time mum, who had a home-waterbirth at a belated age (Oct 2010)

Babbie's Divine Homebirth Story

Finally, my hubby agreed to send me to hospital because I just looked very tired. But this time round, I told him,"NO!" He asked me why not? I told him something changed. It was no more the same. Suddenly I stopped. I just have this hunch it stopped. The pattern changed. He asked me to get in the car the second time. Then I blurted out, "Too late, it's coming out". I could feel the mild burning and stretching sensation. My son was coming out, he was at the end of the birth canal.

- Babbie, a 3rd-time mum who had a divine homebirth to a 4kg boy in Kuantan (April 2010)

Natasha's Euphoric Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

Baby Sherin - a 4kg bundle of joyI said to myself, be calm Natasha... trust your body, trust Him like how you trusted Him all these while when the baby’s inside you, you are not alone.. surely He is with you.. and ...I wanted to cry, -no I did not feel pain during the surges, but I wanted to cry because I knew that I was about to birth very very soon. Without anyone. Only Him and me.

- Natasha, 2nd time mum who had an euphoric home-alone waterbirth (May 2013)

Puan Y's Triumphant VBA2C Birth Story

Alhamdulillah, finally I am at home with my newborn girl. Birth is an emotional process and for me, this time is a special, emotional birth for me because it made me a VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans) mom :)))) Here goes my story..

- Puan Y, a courageous and determined mum who had the VBA2C she wished despite unfriendly environment in the govt hospital (June 2013)

Iam's Fasting and Fast, Action-Packed and Adventurous Car-Hospital Birth Story

Born finally!I still remembered clearly the birth of my 3rd baby.. It was a superb, new wave experience for me. I had AROM, episiotomy with my 2 previous births. This time, it was much more in tune with my birthing instinct. Here's my story...

— Iam Nurhayati Ibrahim, whose baby crowned in the car, head out in the lift and born on the hospital bed (July 2012)

Kalpana's Amazingly Patient and Trusting, Slow-Labour-Fast-Birth Story

skin-to-skin with mumThe whole birthing process was an exciting experience for me except when the nurse interfered and closed my leg in the beginning. Finally, I agreed that birthing is natural and involves no pain! It was so easy, just listened to the body and the baby knows what he wants!

— Kalpana, 1st-time mum who enjoyed a comfortable birth despite the long labour (Oct 2012)

Nicole Tan's Well-Worth-The-Wait Unassisted Home-Lotus Birth Story

lotus birthOk, so this is it!!! I’ve decided on home birthing with HypnoBirthing after I knew I was blessed with a baby. For this will be the very best gift for my dear baby and myself of course – to be born at her very own home, and received by her proud parents. That was what I visualized.

- Nicole Tan, 1st-time mum who had a satisfying birth at home (Sept 2012)