Birth Stories and Testimonials

My deepest gratitude to all parents who have generously shared their sacred journey in childbirth. I've been inspired by each and every one of these stories. I hope you will too...

My own birth stories are here: 2003, 2007, 2010)

Nur Iryani - Pengalaman Bersalin HypnoBirthing Di Hospital Kerajaan

Fatih and HassanAlhamdulillah lahirlah Muhammad Hassan ke dunia ini dengan mudah sekali pada pukul 11.35 malam walaupun dengan keadaan hospital kerajaan yang sukar dijangka ragam emosi jururawatnya. Bayi kami keluar tanpa tangisan, apabila staff nurse letakkan di atas dadaku barulah dia merengek sedikit, menguap dan cuba untuk sambung tidur pula.

— Nur Iryani, 2nd time mum who had a beautiful birth in govt hospital, fully in control (Aug 2012)

Nur Amira's Beautiful Hospital Birth, with Daddy Receiving Baby Story

15/12/2011 week 40. It was my EDD. I went for my check up. I prayed I would give birth anytime soon... We communicated with our beloved, kind, friendly and attentive Dr. Intan at Columbia Asia Seremban on how we wanted to birth Sara. She listened and approved our birth plan at week 37 check up. I was so excited and looked forward to receive our bundle of joy...

— Nur Amira, 1st-time mum whose baby was received by the Dad in the hospital (Dec 2011)

Fieza Idris - Pengalaman Bersalin "Overdue" Dan "Bayi Besar" Tanpa Ubatan

Buat anakandaku Aaron Harith, Mac datang lagi. Bulan yang paling bermakna buat Mummy dan Daddy kerana bukan sahaja kerana kami telah diijabkabulkan pada bulan Mac, tetapi juga kerana kami menerima kehadiran putera sulung kami pada bulan istimewa ini. Sempena ulang tahun kelahiranmu yang pertama ini, izinkan Mummy bercerita sedikit mengenai kenangan mengandung dan melahirkanmu, wahai anakku.

- Fieza Idris, 1st-time mum who birthed at 43weeks+4 days to a 3.95kg boy (March 2012)

Sharon Ko 的自助在家温柔生产


— Sharon Ko, 1st-time high age mum who had a fuss-free gentle homebirth (Sept 2011)

Ninie Ahmad's Powerful yet Humbling Lotus Birth Story

Pincha playing with her twin, day 3I dreamed of a natural, cruelty-free, painless and peaceful childbirth at the comfort of my own jacuzzi tub in my own home. The latter did not come true (this time around) but I learned my biggest life lessons which root back to one of yoga's biggest principal - NON-ATTACHMENT and that; there are just things beyond my control.

- Ninie Ahmad, 1st-time mum who had a spiritual lotus birth despite the turn of event (Feb 2013)

John and Martha's Simple, No-Fuss Unassisted Homebirth Story

a warm welcome into the familyWe desired, just my wife and I, to give birth to our second daughter at home. My wife could experience the warmth and comfort of home which itself was a soothing therapy in preparing for birth. Prior to our decision, we had a wonderful sharing by Wai Han, the HypnoBirthing practitioner. Thanks to her, our perspectives of birth changed. We began to research and watch HypnoBirthing videos. Our fears removed, we were ready for homebirth.

— John, 2nd-time Dad who had the simple homebirth he wished (Jan 2013)

Cherry's Secretive Unassisted Home-Water Birth Story

birth completedI was really scared and worried about my impending ‘delivery’. It was a male friend who introduced HypnoBirthing to me when I was 5 months pregnant. What caught my attention was that he mentioned HypnoBirthing is a gentle, intimate and relaxing way of giving birth, and some people even choose to birth at home in a pool…

— Cherry, 1st-time mum who confidently enjoyed an undisturbed home-waterbirth (Sept 2012)

Samantha's Intense Unassisted Toilet-Bowl Home Birth Story

in loving armMy 44 hours labour started with a 'pop' when I felt my water bag broke as I went for a pee in the middle of the night on my baby's EDD. I was like, "Wow, baby's really on time and waited for grandma to be back to witness his arrival to this world too!" So happened that the day was the earliest time my mum can be home from Australia due to some commitments and we did ask baby to ‘wait’ for grandma. :-)

— Samantha Siah, 1st-time mum who had a timely homebirth (with PROM) supported by her loving mum and husband (Oct 2012)

2nd birth: Samantha's Composed 2nd Unassisted Home Waterbirth Story (Sept 2016)

Margaret and Gerald's Sleepy and Elating Unassisted Home-lotus birth Story

elatedThere is a thin line between life and death. I understood the risk that I was taking when I decided on a home birth. If things went well, happiness was mine. However, if it did not, I was ready to take full responsibility. In my prayer, I have faith and trusted God that he is in control in any situation.

— Margaret Bong-Chau, 1st-time mum, who had an elating home-lotus birth. (Nov 2012)

Maria Zain's Being-the-Doula-Next-Door Story

Baby Zaynab“Would you like to receive your baby?”

That’s not a rhetorical question. I was actually asking an expecting dad to receive his baby. He was sitting at the corner of the bed, while I was crouched on my knees with towel as a receiving hammock.

— Maria Zain, being the doula next door and witnessing a mosque-birth (Nov 2012)

Wawa's Auspicious Unassisted Masjid (Mosque) Birth Story

receivedI decided to breathe you out instead of pushing you. Then you slid out, just like that. I didn’t know how was Abah’s face because he was at my back, but I am sure he was feeling surreal. Your birth was the first birth Abah attended. Abah missed the previous 3 labors. And Abah caught you when you came out. Masya Allah.

— Noor Azurah 'Wawa', 4th-time mum who had a serene birth at a holy mosque (Nov 2012)

Bee King's Drug-Free, All-Natural VBAC Birth Story

At week 37, I came across HypnoBirthing through an article in the magazine while waiting for my appointment with my doctor. I enquired about HypnoBirthing during the consultation with my doctor who then referred me to Wai Han. It so happened that she has an intensive class on the next day, so I decided to join the class in the very last minute.

— Bee King, 2nd time mum who came to class at early labour and had a beautiful VBAC (June 2012)