Birth Stories and Testimonials

My deepest gratitude to all parents who have generously shared their sacred journey in childbirth. I've been inspired by each and every one of these stories. I hope you will too...

My own birth stories are here: 2003, 2007, 2010)

Su May's Unexpected Pregnancy but Well-Managed Birth Story

warmly welcomedWai Han: Su May introduced me to HypnoBirthing when I was pregnant with my 1st in 2003. She was a mother of 3 boys then and told me she has stopped 'production'. Lo & behold, she magically got pregnant 9 years after tubal ligation!

— Su May, 4th-time mum who made conscious decisions about her birth (Nov 2012)

Hayati's Dream-Come-True, 2nd Unassisted Orgasmic-Home-Water-Lotus Birth Story

waterbirthMy birth dreams and wishes for this second birth:

“I wish to successfully receive my baby girl at home in the water, within 6 hours or less starting from midnight and done by dawn. I wish to experience an orgasmic birth with intact perineum. I would also want my son to be there and witnessed his sister being born”.

— Hayati Muzaffar, 2nd-time mum having a 2nd-time orgasmic homebirth, a year later (Nov 2012)

Julie's Empowering, Gentle, Unassisted Homebirth Story

searching for mummy's faceI want to share with you this most beautiful experience of my life,the birth of my son and my first child, Senna Lee-Widjaja. Birthing him has been one of the greatest achievement AND joy of my life and I have no doubt that this is largely due to his natural and gentle birth into this world, surrounded by loving family and friends in our own home.

— Julie Lee, 1st-time mum, who gained much self-understanding through her gentle homebirth (Sept 2012)

Yen Lu's Beautifully Sung, Unassisted En Caul-Home-Lotus Birth Story

happy familyI am truly very blessed to have the opportunity for my baby and I to have a natural, gentle and peaceful home birth. All my wishes for my birth came true – I had a lotus birth, no tearing of perineum, no vaccination, no drug and no doctor.

— Yen Lu, 1st-time mum who sang beautifully as her baby touched down on earth (July 2012)

Si Seng's Near-Escape-from-the-Knife Birth Story

1st meetDuring our last visit to doctor's clinic, he told us that our baby was quite big for a small person like Minyi (148cm) and tried to persuade us to go for C-Section. For me at least, it was definitely a no-no.

— Si Seng, 1st-time Dad who was the pillar of strength at the challenging birth of his daughter, 3.65kg (Nov 2012)

May Shin's Enjoyable Gentle Birth Story

As Dr came in, I made my way back on bed and in all-four position, yawned with each surge. Then I felt some burning sensation down there - crowning! I laughed when I felt her body passing through (as I felt ticklish :-p).

— May Shin, 1st-time mum who had much fun and laughter during the gentle birth of her baby (Oct 2012)

Robert Heng's Heroic Unassisted Home-Water Birth Story

receivedAnd what appeared like few seconds (actually few minutes) the entire baby slipped out smoothly underwater into my hands. Honestly, I was in such a stunned mode that I didn’t know what to feel. I guess, after all the anxiety and uncertainties, it has come to this precious moment to see him perfectly well in my arms.

— Robert Heng, 1st-time Dad who loving received his son into his hands, at home, at 36-week (Feb 2012)


Sui Li's Conscious, In-control, Marathon Birth Story

Baby JeremyMy labour went on for another 24 agonizing hours and I finally agreed to have pitocin to nudge the labour further the following morning. My doctor was very understanding and knew that I was upset I could not have an intervention-free birth. However, she did a good job in advising me and reassured that we would still follow the birth plan the best we could to achieve a gentle birth.

— Sui Li, 1st-time mum who managed her marathon labour with HypnoBirthing  (July 2011)

Khye Wuen's Dream-Come-True Home-Lotus Birth Story

proud parentsI have never been the sort of person who could be categorized as ‘patient’. When I first went for my HypnoBirthing class, I felt that giving birth naturally would be impossible without drugs since I had epidural for my first two children.

— Khye Wuen, 3rd-time mum who had an easy homebirth (December 2011)

Grace Tan's Ecstatic Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

1st meetI did my first routine prenatal checkup and our doctor told me that I would not be able to take epidural as I have prior back injuries. All that was running in my mind was; how on earth am I able to survive the pain?

— Grace Tan, 1st-time mum who went from fearful to trustful and had an orgasmic home-waterbirth at 36-week (Feb 2012)

Vivian Foo's Orgasmic, Precipitous, Dramatic yet Gentle VBAC Story

Baby Eu MaineI continued to bleed following each surge. I asked Wai Han again if I really needed to go to the hospital. She told me that she was not sure, as she had not seen blood of this amount before during childbirth.

— Vivian Foo, 3rd-time mum who achieved a gentle, orgasmic VBAC, despite a heavy bleed during labour. And went home right after birth. (November 2011)

Sze Ling's Fast and Painless Birth Story

Baby Jun Xiang“I want fast as within 3 hours, smooth and painless birthing!” This was what I told WaiHan when she asked what we want for birthing while attending HybnoBirthing class. What amazed me was, my labour process really took me 3 hours from colon cleaning till baby received by nurse + 3rd stage birthing of placenta!

— Sze Ling, 1st-time mum, who had a painless and quick birth at govt hospital (March 2011)

Caryn Ooi's Exciting and Addictive Hospital Water Birth Story

Giving birth via HypnoBirthing had helped me to remove doubt and negative input regarding childbirth all these years. It had linked me back to how Mother Nature is able to do her job and how amazing our body is able to give forth life in natural way without any intervention.

— Caryn Ooi, 1st-time mum who had a beautiful waterbirth in Penang (July 2012)

A Mum's Thankful Last-Minute Planned Unassisted Homebirth Story

During my 37th week pregnancy I suddenly wanted to find out more about natural birth. Actually from the start of my pregnancy I wanted an all natural birth for my baby. I’ve heard of water birth in hospital but it is not common and no one that I know has done it. So I stopped thinking further about it. It never crossed my mind that giving birth could be so natural until I’ve done it on my own through the help of HypnoBirthing.

– KL mum, 1st-time mum who decided on a homebirth last minute and did it! (Nov 2011)