Advanced maternal age

Erin Tan's Quest for A Healing Birth VBAC Story

With Dr Roslan at 6 weeks postnatal check up"Hi, my name is Erin, I’m 37yo and I’m a happy mother of a 4yo boy and a 6mo girl. I’d like to share my experience on birthing with GDM, emergency cesarean and my quest for VBAC."

- Erin Tan, 2nd time mum who worked hard to achieve what she believed her body and baby could do - a VBAC! (Jan 2015)

Bee Hong's Gentle and Loving Waterbirth VBAC Story

Thanks to the gentle birthing method, my labor was shorter, easier, and more joyful, free of harmful drugs, and my baby was born in a more comfortable manner. I was awake, alert, and fully in control. It took less than 17 hours from first contraction until the baby was born and less than 3 hours in the labor room.

- Bee Hong, 2nd-time mum who had an empowering waterbirth VBAC (Jan 2014)

Ros's 7th Baby Warmth-filled En Caul Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

Received!Some moms asked me about the differences between this and hospital births. The feeling of having baby in my arms for the first time is the same, but this time round it’s warmth all over - from friendship, and love from hubby, and the water. Hospital environment is cold and the air-cond is too cold (yeah a big issue for me.) Even that made me stressed. Freedom, laughter that made me relax, seeing my baby staring at me underwater, being the first one to lift baby up to my arms... a truly amazing experience and I thank Allah over and over for that.

- Ros, SEVENTH-time mum who had a 1-hour easy birth at home (Oct 2013)

Wai Kuan's Calm and Quiet DIY Hospital Birth Story

Dr Maimon, my obgyn, a very gentle lady in her fifties, gave her normal smile when I showed her our “birth hopes” a month before baby Herng Shan was due. Her only remark was “you are asking for a lot here.”

As you can see, we were, in fact, asking for nothing. All we were asking was for the doctor and nurses to sit back, relax and enjoy the birth with us.

- Wai Kuan, 43yo 1st time mum who received her own baby in the hospital toilet (Dec 2009)

A 40yo Mum's Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

I am a woman, an ordinary woman. Capable of child bearing and all…graduated into motherhood at 40. Most people would ask, “What took you so long?” Nothing, focus had been on work, career, money, the usual stuffs. Not quite a multi-tasker, and no superwoman either. One thing at a time, and when the time came to make babies, my husband and I rocked the bed, and 9 months later, out came a baby. This is our story.

- A 1st-time mum, who had a home-waterbirth at a belated age (Oct 2010)

Sharon Ko 的自助在家温柔生产


— Sharon Ko, 1st-time high age mum who had a fuss-free gentle homebirth (Sept 2011)