Birth Companion's story

Birth story written by the birth companion

Afidah's Detour From Grocery-Shopping to Supporting Birth Doula-Story

My husband asked me who called. “It’s Nik. Yda’s husband.” I answered.
“Why? Is she in labour?” he asked. “Yes. Nik said that she cannot tahan any more with birth ball and she has jumped in the pool already” I explained.
“Then, let’s just go there.” He decided. “Tak jadi beli grocery?” I asked.
“Nanti-nanti lah. Maybe she is in need of emotional support right now” said my husband.

- Afidah Kasim, whose family made a detour from grocery shopping to supporting a homebirth (May 2013)


晚上8点看到好几个miss call,是来自马六甲会平!看到她的短讯,说她肚子开始疼痛了。我马上联络回她,看她的情况如何。

- Freya, who supported a hotel waterbirth in Malacca (Mar 2013)

Maria Zain's Being-the-Doula-Next-Door Story

Baby Zaynab“Would you like to receive your baby?”

That’s not a rhetorical question. I was actually asking an expecting dad to receive his baby. He was sitting at the corner of the bed, while I was crouched on my knees with towel as a receiving hammock.

— Maria Zain, being the doula next door and witnessing a mosque-birth (Nov 2012)

Afiza's Attending A Homebirth Doula-Story

homebirth sistersThings to do before I die – support a woman give birth. Certainly was not in my list of to-dos but who am I to say, yes? I was the birth companion or 'doula' to my brother -in-law's wife, Nana and for this, I feel truly blessed and proud. For the life of me, I would never have thought that I was going to witness a 'live show' of a pregnant woman giving birth, in my own house, further more, the courage to support her.

- Afiza, who supported her SIL 2 months after her own homebirth (June 11)