Birth loss

Sela's Drug-Free Natural Miscarriage Story

26th April 2012 was a day to remember when I miscarried my second child at week 14.

- Sela, 2nd time mum whose body has gently and wisely supported her through a natural miscarriage (April 2012)

Li Yen's Rite of Initiation through her Angel Babies

I am no angel. At times, I get angry and ask God “Why is my life so tough?”. His reply is that “You are strong enough. It may seem challenging but you are always supported by my Angels, both seen and unseen”.

- Li Yen, a mother to 2 angel babies. (2013, 2014)


angel baby孩子,你离开的样子很安详。你真的如妈妈所愿,是个男娃娃、长得像爸爸。头发很多很黑、单眼皮、皮肤很白、手脚很长、妈妈最爱的你的长脚丫。你真的如妈妈所愿,只是没有了生命迹象。

- 蕙维、志轩 & 将澄 (June 2013)