Birth video

May Wong's Celebrated CNY Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

At week 37, doctor told me that I may be birthing very soon. I was a little upset as I was hoping for a Fire Monkey baby & not to miss my reunion dinner.

- May Wong, 3rd time Johor mum who finally had her perfect, auspicious, much celebrated CNY baby; a baby that brought much blessings of love, joy and healing. (Feb 2016)

Wan Ni's Yet Another Speedy and Trusting Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

Baby Bryan, 3kg bundle of joy经历过一次居家分娩的美好,当怀上第三胎时,我们毫不需思索的决定,再来一次水中温柔分娩吧。。

- Wan Ni, 3rd time mum from Malacca who had yet another speedy home-waterbirth, 20 hours after membrane released at 38-week pregnancy! (July 2015)

Sofia Azyze's Epic Unassisted En Caul Home-Waterbirth After 4 Cesareans Story

Baby Darryl (HBA4C baby)Unassisted home-waterbirth after FOUR cesareans with no prior vaginal birth. Against all odds:

- Release of membrane at 40weeks, yet baby was born en caul
- Meconium-stained fluid for more than 24hours
- 4.2kg baby was born at 41weeks and 3 days, lovingly welcomed by the whole family

- Sofia Azyze, 5th-time mum who decided to take charge of her birth and had an epic VBA4C at home. (September 2012)