Dad's story

Birth story written by the father


吕惟真 - 莲花生产曾经询问过两家的妇科医生的意见。如果我们使用自然生产在医院可以吗?两位妇科医生都表示,之前三个孩子都是使用剖腹生产的,不可能使用自然生产,危险性非常高~!

- 吕小德, 挑战医学权威,剖腹3次后在家顺产(VBA3C), 温柔地迎接第四个宝宝。槟城。 (Dec 2013)

Nadrah and Ezry's Cheerful Bright Morning Birth Story

It all started on 6th September 2013. At about 4.50 am, we witnessed the birth show and got super duper excited. But knowing that my mother-in-law tends to panic easily and the fact that after birth she won't be able to go anywhere for 44 days, Nadrah told her mother that she wanted to go shopping.

- Nadrah & Ezry, 1st-time couple who had their baby on a joyful bright morning as they had predicted (Sept 2013)

Si Seng's Near-Escape-from-the-Knife Birth Story

1st meetDuring our last visit to doctor's clinic, he told us that our baby was quite big for a small person like Minyi (148cm) and tried to persuade us to go for C-Section. For me at least, it was definitely a no-no.

— Si Seng, 1st-time Dad who was the pillar of strength at the challenging birth of his daughter, 3.65kg (Nov 2012)

Robert Heng's Heroic Unassisted Home-Water Birth Story

receivedAnd what appeared like few seconds (actually few minutes) the entire baby slipped out smoothly underwater into my hands. Honestly, I was in such a stunned mode that I didn’t know what to feel. I guess, after all the anxiety and uncertainties, it has come to this precious moment to see him perfectly well in my arms.

— Robert Heng, 1st-time Dad who loving received his son into his hands, at home, at 36-week (Feb 2012)


Jessica and David's Blissful and Efficient DIY Hospital Birth Story

the birthing teamAnyway, I went back to focusing on Jessica, and got to report to her when I started to see him crowning, and then it was only another surge or two until his head emerged. I reported this too, and positioned my hands to catch and hold him when his shoulders emerged.

- David, 2nd-time Dad who caught his own son in the hospital (June 2012)

Gan & Mei Khei's Unexpected 35-week Unassisted Homebirth Story

Baby Jin Sim回到家后,我太太告诉我她的宫缩更频密了。她一回到家就躺在床上休息。到了晚上,她的宫缩更加剧了。突然,她告诉我她好像要生了,于是,我立刻扶她到厕所。过后,我立刻联络Madam Soo,她告诉我接生的方法,全程的生产都是用电话来联络。

- Gan & Mei Khei, who had an unexpected homebirth at 35-week in Johor (Nov 2010)

Victor's Receiving-His-Own-Baby Unassisted Homebirth Story

Baby Zi Feng: 4 days old At around 8.30am, we finally saw our baby's head and I kept on encouraging my wife to continue with her breathing and pushing. At 8.43am, I finally received our baby boy with my own hands. With the umbrilical cord intact, I passed to my wife our precious. We felt relief and excited at the same time knowing that we have witnessed the birth of our baby. What a wonderful experience!

— Victor, a 1st-time dad who joyously received his own baby, at home (Mar 09)