DIY Hospital Birth

Unassisted hospital birth

Janatul's Perfect Hospital Birthing Package Story

Muhammad DafiqulhaqqHahasrin (3.73kg)This time I guess it was perfect! Hypnobirthed at a hospital with my beloved husband on my side and a sporting doctor waiting just outside the labour room... that I think, was a good package too! :)

- Janatul, 4th time mum who received her own baby with the blessing of her doctor who practices true obstetrics (from the Latin obstare, "to stand by") (Dec 2012)

Ow Hui Ching's Birthing-Her-Way Hospital Birth Story

Our little man, Warren, he is the best gift for my hubby and me in year 2013. We were hoping that our first baby is a boy and we knew about his gender since he was only 12 weeks (he is definitely a Man!) and we have been calling him "Warren" since then.

- Ow Hui Ching, 1st-time mum who powerfully birthed her baby whose cord was 2 loops around the neck, 4 days after her membrane released (August 2013)

Wai Kuan's Calm and Quiet DIY Hospital Birth Story

Dr Maimon, my obgyn, a very gentle lady in her fifties, gave her normal smile when I showed her our “birth hopes” a month before baby Herng Shan was due. Her only remark was “you are asking for a lot here.”

As you can see, we were, in fact, asking for nothing. All we were asking was for the doctor and nurses to sit back, relax and enjoy the birth with us.

- Wai Kuan, 43yo 1st time mum who received her own baby in the hospital toilet (Dec 2009)

Pui Lin的VBAC(剖腹后顺产)自助医院生产

怀胎老二时,我下定决心我要自然生产。可是首胎生产所带来的疑问至今都还没解答:怎么别人可自然生产,而我是剖腹?老大出世体积小,才2.4 kg,有必要开刀吗?万一这胎又是子宫颈不开,难道又要挨刀?我甚至怀疑我的子宫颈不正常。

— Pui Lin, 2nd-time mum who had a DIY-hospital VBAC birth (Nov 2010)

Jessica and David's Blissful and Efficient DIY Hospital Birth Story

the birthing teamAnyway, I went back to focusing on Jessica, and got to report to her when I started to see him crowning, and then it was only another surge or two until his head emerged. I reported this too, and positioned my hands to catch and hold him when his shoulders emerged.

- David, 2nd-time Dad who caught his own son in the hospital (June 2012)

Rebecca's Empowering DIY Hospital Birth Story

Baby Ying Huey We had wanted to be the first one to hold the baby when she is born (I guess my baby knew it too), and she made it happened for all of us. This will be the most precious and unforgettable moment of our lifetime. I am glad that the whole birth process is drug-free and the placenta was birthed naturally. I remember saying we wanted a fast birth in HB class. Well, everything ended in merely 2 hours.

— Rebecca, 2nd-time mum who received her own baby (Dec 09)