Drug-free birth

Drug-free hospital births

Dr. Asyikin's Size-Does-Not-Matter Easy and Calm Birth Story

Awesome coupleI am a petite mother, height is 148cms with pre pregnancy weight of 35kgs. On the other hand, Hubby is 189cms with weight of 94kgs. The fear of having a baby that is too big for me to have a vaginal birth brought us to Wai Han's class. Alhamdulillah, everything works well for us.

— Dr. Nurul Asyikin, 1st-time 148cm petite mum who believe in her body & baby (Oct 11)

Hanie's Confident and Comfortable All-Natural Birth Story

Hafiy's here!What a blessing it was to join the HypnoBirthing classes. Both hubby and I gained a lot of invaluable knowledge about pregnancy, birth, our baby and best of all the classes have made our relationship became stronger. We promised each other and we promised Hafiy to provide him with love, safety and protection. Therefore, it also includes birthing my baby peacefully, gently and comfortably, without drugs and without force.

—Hanie, 1st-time mum who birthed her baby with ease and confident (Sept 11)

Felicia's Drug-free Natural Birth Story

Baby CelesteBefore I heard about HypnoBirthing, the term 'normal delivery' to me means baby delivered through vagina and episiotomy must be done in order to manage the tear of vagina. And it is ok to induce if baby is 'overdue'. All these concepts changed when I experienced it myself.

— Felicia, 1st-time mum who changed her perception and had a drug-free natural birth (Jan 11)

Joanne's Positively Ecstatic and Empowering Gentle Birth Story

Being pregnant with my daughter up to the day of her birth was everything I have ever wished for and dreamt to be – positive, peaceful, empowering and fearless. I knew from the very start that I did not want to be robbed by fear and negativity, I just want to remember my pregnancy and the birth of my precious baby only in beautiful and loving ways but the big question remains – how?

— Joanne Kok, 1st-time mum who took charge of her birth and had an empowering experience (June 11)

Sue's Journey of Love Birth Story

basking in loveOne week past my EDD and the day before he had to leave for Singapore, he said to me, " Maybe baby wants to be born in Singapore." I agreed. It was very important that we share this birth together. Due to my advanced pregnancy, we had to drive to Singapore and of course there's no guarantee that I could pass immigration in my state so we drove in at night.

— Sue, 1st-time mum whose birth took a few surprise turns but all ended well (May 11)

Carmen's Slow, Steady and Safe Birth Story

baby LucasDavid and I kept thinking if it is real... a baby??? First, I was having irregular menstruation - "four seasons" menstrual cycle. Second, I just went through a mitral heart valve repair surgery in year 2008. I was not sure if my heart can take the pressure of pregnancy & labour.

— Carmen, a high-risk 1st-time mum who had a safe, gentle birth (Nov 10)


Jane's Confident Gentle Birth Story

Jane & baby KysonTwo unbelievable things happened…. I gave birth without fear or pain…. My baby was looking around checking out his surroundings and looking at us straight in the eyes from the moment he was birthed.

— Jane Wong, 2nd-time mum who had a fearless, easy birth (Nov 09)


Ping Chian's A-Test-of-Patience Birth Story

my boyI am proud that I can go through labour & birth without drug/medication assistance, and grateful to my husband’s confidence with me & the HypnoBirthing technique, and thanks to Wai Han’s support & encouragement.

— Ping Chian, 1st-time mum who waited patiently for her bundle of joy (Aug 10)

Khadeejah's Exciting All-Natural Birth Story

happy babyAlhamdulillah baby came out at 9.46pm :D I saw the whole event consciously! Cuma tak pakai spec so tak nampak clear sangat. Perasaan masa baby keluar? Happy tak terkata! Tak sangka perasaan macam tu. Hilang semua keletihan.

— Khadeejah, 1st-time mum who insisted on a natural gentle birth for her baby (Nov 10)


Hasnah's Gentle HypnoBirth Story

Baby Nabeelah Husna Tepat 12.30 malam aku bersiap untuk bergerak ke hospital. Hujan lebat mengiringi perjalanan kami ke Hospital Putrajaya. Sesampainya di bahagian pemeriksaan, jururawat mendapati bukaan sudah 8cm dan kepala sudah di bahagian serviks. Dia hampir tidak percaya kerana aku dapat menjangkakan waktu aku akan bersalin. Jangkamasa waktu pendaftaran hingga aku ke wad bersalin hanya mengambil 10 minit saja.

— Hasnah, 2nd-time mum who birthed her baby upon arriving at the hospital (Aug 10)