Drug-free birth

Drug-free hospital births

Rebecca's 'Sensorial', En-Caul Birth Story

Baby Ann Joun 3 years ago, when I birthed my boy, I had a painkiller jab, epidural and augmentation. Little did I know the painkiller jab actually contained morphine. My boy was drowsy at birth, he didn’t really cry after he came out, the doctor had to give him a jab to reverse the effect of the jab. On top of that, as I was on epidural, I couldn't feel my muscles. The doctor had to perform episiotomy in order to vacuum my boy out. With my 2nd baby, I didn't want all of the above.

— Rebecca, 2nd-time mum who had a sensation-filled en-caul birth (May 10)


Caryn's Dramatically Fast, All-Natural Birth Story

Baby Lee Sher My hubby and I were both so amazed with my hypnobirth. It turned out almost exactly how I have imagined my birth scenario; except it happened faster, earlier and that I missed receiving my baby by myself as I was not aware she was already out! I am so proud of myself that I did it; I had a total natural birth!! 

— Caryn, 2nd-time mum who had a totally natural birth (Mar 10)

Rebecca's Empowering DIY Hospital Birth Story

Baby Ying Huey We had wanted to be the first one to hold the baby when she is born (I guess my baby knew it too), and she made it happened for all of us. This will be the most precious and unforgettable moment of our lifetime. I am glad that the whole birth process is drug-free and the placenta was birthed naturally. I remember saying we wanted a fast birth in HB class. Well, everything ended in merely 2 hours.

— Rebecca, 2nd-time mum who received her own baby (Dec 09)

Rayhana's Birth of Her Dream Story

Baby Arya Safiyya 4 days before, I had changed doctor after much thinking/praying/talking/pondering/etc. It was a totally crazy move, and although a couple of people 'congratulated' me for it, many didn't understand why I did such a thing… However, I do not regret this move one tiny bit. After going through a pretty trying and detached labor and birth for my first child, I was more than determined to have as much of a natural birth as I could this time around.

— Rayhana, 2nd-time mum who had the birth of her dream by changing careprovider 4 days before she birthed! (Sept 09)

Shabirah's 'Hospital-Challenged' but Easy Birth Story

Baby KhalisWaiHan: Shabirah took the course at 36 weeks pregnancy, looking forward to a comfortable birth at public hospital. However, her plans took an unexpected turn and she was kept busy going in and out of hospital checking for availability instead of busy birthing. Despite this, her birth was smooth and easy.
At 1am, the surges got harder but I can still manage. I kept practising all the breathing techniques. It helps me a lot to control the pain, but I think I forgot to change position as I was too busy controlling the pressure, busy practising the breathing techniques. Between 2 to 4am, the surges came and went, but I can still sleep. It was around 4am when I started to have strong surges. At 6.05am, the baby pop out! :-)

— Shabirah, a 1st-time mum who laboured easily despite an unexpected change of birthing place (Aug 09)

June's Just-In-Time All-Natural Birth Story

Pinky baby E RainWaiHan: I met this wonderful couple when they were approaching their EDD. I was so inspired by their healthy lifestyle and beautiful birthing dream. 2 days after our meetup, mum birthed!
Thank you so much for your sharing. Tain Sang and I get better idea about birth! I have successfully gave birth naturally on 5th May. Baby came out immediately when reached the clinic!!!

— June Tan, 1st-time mum who birthed upon arriving at the birthing centre (May 08)

Bee Ting's Unconventional Hospital Birth Story

Baby Shermin: enjoying a swimWhat made the whole birthing process different and quite unheard of in this part of the world/hospital was that I practically broke all conventions & routines that can possibly be broken. It goes without saying that I was not a very popular "patient".

— Bee Ting, 1st-time mum who had a drug-free natural birth, with no tear (Mar 07)

Shei Wei's Incredible 2-Hour Birth Story

Baby Sheyanne with Happy ParentsThe nurse that attended to me kept offering this and that. She asked me to use the nitrogen/oxygen (not sure what was that). My hubby declined and told her I do not need any pain killer. He knew I was determined to have a drug-free natural birth.

— Shei Wei, 1st time mum with 2-hour labour (Oct 08)

Wai Mei's 17-Month-Gap VBAC Birth Story

Jia Zhuan at birth Throughout the labour, everything went on smoothly. I had no worries about previous c-section scar rupture as I trusted my body. I applied HypnoBirthing breathing techniques whenever I surged and I was feeling very calm all the time because to me, the whole thing was very natural. I had full confidence with myself that I can do it the natural way.

— Wai Mei, 2nd-time HB mum with a short gap VBAC (Apr 08)

Sher Li's Holistic Lotus Birth Story

Baby Maya and placentaWaiHan: Sher Li and Shang are 1st time parents who are very connected with their baby. They sought a holistic birth for baby Maya and decided on lotus birth (leaving the umbilical cord intact) for a gentle beginning.
Because of our decision to have a Lotus Birth, Maya’s cord was not clamped nor cut at the hospital. By 7pm the same day, we checked out of the hospital with Maya and her cord still attached.

— Sher Li, 1st-time mum who had a lotus birth (Jan 09)