Elsewhere birth

Car, office, hotel, mosque, etc...

Mei's Wedding Crasher Birth Story

Prettiest birthing mum"Seriously, I didn't mean to steal the limelight of the bride and groom.. I scared the shit out of them especially the groom!! And now they are the godparents by default to baby Diane Loi."

- Mei, 3rd time mum whose little baby just decided to crash into a wedding party! (Sept 2015)


晚上8点看到好几个miss call,是来自马六甲会平!看到她的短讯,说她肚子开始疼痛了。我马上联络回她,看她的情况如何。

- Freya, who supported a hotel waterbirth in Malacca (Mar 2013)

Iam's Fasting and Fast, Action-Packed and Adventurous Car-Hospital Birth Story

Born finally!I still remembered clearly the birth of my 3rd baby.. It was a superb, new wave experience for me. I had AROM, episiotomy with my 2 previous births. This time, it was much more in tune with my birthing instinct. Here's my story...

— Iam Nurhayati Ibrahim, whose baby crowned in the car, head out in the lift and born on the hospital bed (July 2012)

Maria Zain's Being-the-Doula-Next-Door Story

Baby Zaynab“Would you like to receive your baby?”

That’s not a rhetorical question. I was actually asking an expecting dad to receive his baby. He was sitting at the corner of the bed, while I was crouched on my knees with towel as a receiving hammock.

— Maria Zain, being the doula next door and witnessing a mosque-birth (Nov 2012)

Wawa's Auspicious Unassisted Masjid (Mosque) Birth Story

receivedI decided to breathe you out instead of pushing you. Then you slid out, just like that. I didn’t know how was Abah’s face because he was at my back, but I am sure he was feeling surreal. Your birth was the first birth Abah attended. Abah missed the previous 3 labors. And Abah caught you when you came out. Masya Allah.

— Noor Azurah 'Wawa', 4th-time mum who had a serene birth at a holy mosque (Nov 2012)

Adibah Ismail's Calm and Empowering Unassisted Office Birth Story

baby & placentaI have the childbirth that I wanted. An absolute natural childbirth without any intervention or drug in any stage of labor. The result is so great, mentally & physically. My childbirth experience really affected me emotionally. I become a different person. I felt great after my homebirth & the recovery was also so much faster than my 1st hospital birth.

— Adibah Ismail, 2nd-time mum who made an informed choice to homebirth (Oct 11)