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A woman who has had 5 or more births

Birthing the Impossible: Mardiana's Unassisted En Caul, Homebirth VBA5C Story

Baby Nur Keisha Adelia ZahraJust to share my homebirth and VBA5C experience on 2/5/2014 Friday, 11.44 pm, baby girl 3.8 kg, one day earlier than EDD 3/5/2014.

- Mardiana, 6th-time mum who renewed her faith for an awe-inspiring homebirth after 5 cesareans (+ 1 minor surgery for ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage) (May 2014)

Ros's 7th Baby Warmth-filled En Caul Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

Received!Some moms asked me about the differences between this and hospital births. The feeling of having baby in my arms for the first time is the same, but this time round it’s warmth all over - from friendship, and love from hubby, and the water. Hospital environment is cold and the air-cond is too cold (yeah a big issue for me.) Even that made me stressed. Freedom, laughter that made me relax, seeing my baby staring at me underwater, being the first one to lift baby up to my arms... a truly amazing experience and I thank Allah over and over for that.

- Ros, SEVENTH-time mum who had a 1-hour easy birth at home (Oct 2013)



— 婉菁, 6th-time mum enjoyed her 3rd homebirth in Cameron Highlands (Dec 2011)