Hospital birth

Wan Ning's F1 Birth Story

I wanted a smooth and painless birth since my first birth was unpleasant and terrifying.

-- Wan Ning, 2nd time mum who enjoyed the birth she wished for (July 2015)

Erin Tan's Quest for A Healing Birth VBAC Story

With Dr Roslan at 6 weeks postnatal check up"Hi, my name is Erin, I’m 37yo and I’m a happy mother of a 4yo boy and a 6mo girl. I’d like to share my experience on birthing with GDM, emergency cesarean and my quest for VBAC."

- Erin Tan, 2nd time mum who worked hard to achieve what she believed her body and baby could do - a VBAC! (Jan 2015)

Cadence's From-Marathon-To-Sprint Waterbirth Story

Our familyLike many others, I have heard enough birthing experiences or rather “horror stories”  from mothers, families and friends. So deep inside my heart, there was no doubt that giving birth is one of the world’s most scariest and painful thing to do.

- Cadence Low, a determined first time mum who had an interesting birth dance with baby to fulfill their birthing dream (Sept 2014)