Hospital birth

Dr. Reshma's In-Control-Despite-Turns-of-Event Birth Story

All in all, I was very happy with my birth experience, even though it didn't go exactly as planned. I was calm and positive throughout it all and I feel the classes were very helpful, especially in dealing with the anxiety and preparing myself mentally for the whole experience.

- Dr. Reshma, 1st-time mum who took charge even when her birthing took an unexpected turn (June 2011)

Yew Peng's Joyous, Drug-free Birth Story

Baby Ari - happy 3 month oldEven before we started thinking about having a baby, we heard (and continue to hear till this day) countless (horror) birth stories of pain and agony, though everyone would end their story with the assurance that the baby is worth all the pain and agony. I understood then that these little wrinkled bundles are received with much joy, but preceded with much fear and pain. Pain that no one could explain, and agony that no one could describe!

- Yew Peng, 1st-time mum who transformed fear into faith (April 2013)

Yasmin's Painless, Devotional Birth Story

I came to a point of firm belief that childbearing is an absolutely natural beautiful process and that even though I am only 4’11, I absolutely could deliver my baby naturally as long as baby is healthy.

- Yasmin Ruth Paranjothy, 1st-time petite mum who surrendered to God for a miraculous pain-free birth, at 43-week! (Oct 2010)

Michelle Wong's Hardworking Labor Day Waterbirth Story

With Dr. ChoongIt was Week 33 and the resolution to make my second birth experience a better one seems to have been pushed aside due to a crazy schedule of juggling work and another child. It was Week 34 and a half before I put my foot down, no more procrastination! And this was when I decided to look seriously into HypnoBirthing.

- Michelle Wong, 2nd-time who laboured for a zen-like waterbirth on Labor Day (May 2012)

Wai Kuan's Calm and Quiet DIY Hospital Birth Story

Dr Maimon, my obgyn, a very gentle lady in her fifties, gave her normal smile when I showed her our “birth hopes” a month before baby Herng Shan was due. Her only remark was “you are asking for a lot here.”

As you can see, we were, in fact, asking for nothing. All we were asking was for the doctor and nurses to sit back, relax and enjoy the birth with us.

- Wai Kuan, 43yo 1st time mum who received her own baby in the hospital toilet (Dec 2009)

San San's Adaptive Marathon-VBAC Story

VBAC!My first birthing was typical of someone who handed it over fully to others out of, in part, 'that's how others have done it' and in part, the unquestioned faith that the medical caregiver was best positioned to know what to do. I readily opted for an induction so that life was more predictable which unfortunately led to an emergency c-section. So this time, after hearing about a friend's HypnoBirthing experience, was going to get prepared to have as gentle as I could a VBAC.

- San San, 2nd time mum, who had a restful slow labour (the last 2cm took 2 days!), achieved her VBAC by sheer determination and faith (7 July 2013)


Puan Y's Triumphant VBA2C Birth Story

Alhamdulillah, finally I am at home with my newborn girl. Birth is an emotional process and for me, this time is a special, emotional birth for me because it made me a VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans) mom :)))) Here goes my story..

- Puan Y, a courageous and determined mum who had the VBA2C she wished despite unfriendly environment in the govt hospital (June 2013)

Iam's Fasting and Fast, Action-Packed and Adventurous Car-Hospital Birth Story

Born finally!I still remembered clearly the birth of my 3rd baby.. It was a superb, new wave experience for me. I had AROM, episiotomy with my 2 previous births. This time, it was much more in tune with my birthing instinct. Here's my story...

— Iam Nurhayati Ibrahim, whose baby crowned in the car, head out in the lift and born on the hospital bed (July 2012)

Kalpana's Amazingly Patient and Trusting, Slow-Labour-Fast-Birth Story

skin-to-skin with mumThe whole birthing process was an exciting experience for me except when the nurse interfered and closed my leg in the beginning. Finally, I agreed that birthing is natural and involves no pain! It was so easy, just listened to the body and the baby knows what he wants!

— Kalpana, 1st-time mum who enjoyed a comfortable birth despite the long labour (Oct 2012)