Hospital birth

Sze Ling's Fast and Painless Birth Story

Baby Jun Xiang“I want fast as within 3 hours, smooth and painless birthing!” This was what I told WaiHan when she asked what we want for birthing while attending HybnoBirthing class. What amazed me was, my labour process really took me 3 hours from colon cleaning till baby received by nurse + 3rd stage birthing of placenta!

— Sze Ling, 1st-time mum, who had a painless and quick birth at govt hospital (March 2011)

Caryn Ooi's Exciting and Addictive Hospital Water Birth Story

Giving birth via HypnoBirthing had helped me to remove doubt and negative input regarding childbirth all these years. It had linked me back to how Mother Nature is able to do her job and how amazing our body is able to give forth life in natural way without any intervention.

— Caryn Ooi, 1st-time mum who had a beautiful waterbirth in Penang (July 2012)

Pui Lin的VBAC(剖腹后顺产)自助医院生产

怀胎老二时,我下定决心我要自然生产。可是首胎生产所带来的疑问至今都还没解答:怎么别人可自然生产,而我是剖腹?老大出世体积小,才2.4 kg,有必要开刀吗?万一这胎又是子宫颈不开,难道又要挨刀?我甚至怀疑我的子宫颈不正常。

— Pui Lin, 2nd-time mum who had a DIY-hospital VBAC birth (Nov 2010)

Lynn Goh's Joyous, Drug-Free, Gentle Birth Story

I always wanted a Caesarean delivery. ALWAYS... until I stumbled upon HypnoBirthing. It totally changed my view and perception on birthing. It also changed my husband’s view as well.

— Lynn Goh, 1st-time mum who decided against c-section and had a joyous all-natural birth (June 2012)

Jessica and David's Blissful and Efficient DIY Hospital Birth Story

the birthing teamAnyway, I went back to focusing on Jessica, and got to report to her when I started to see him crowning, and then it was only another surge or two until his head emerged. I reported this too, and positioned my hands to catch and hold him when his shoulders emerged.

- David, 2nd-time Dad who caught his own son in the hospital (June 2012)

Samantha's 3-hour Painless, Perfect Gentle Birth Story

I knew I wanted to go for HypnoBirthing right from the start, even though I don’t quite know how to hypnobirth or why hypnobirth. I do it because my close encounter of amazing hypnosis that could bring about to almost everything in life.

— Samantha Chee, 1st-time mum who enjoyed a confident, beautiful, painless birth (Jan 2011)