Hospital birth

Bee Ting's Unconventional Hospital Birth Story

Baby Shermin: enjoying a swimWhat made the whole birthing process different and quite unheard of in this part of the world/hospital was that I practically broke all conventions & routines that can possibly be broken. It goes without saying that I was not a very popular "patient".

— Bee Ting, 1st-time mum who had a drug-free natural birth, with no tear (Mar 07)

Shei Wei's Incredible 2-Hour Birth Story

Baby Sheyanne with Happy ParentsThe nurse that attended to me kept offering this and that. She asked me to use the nitrogen/oxygen (not sure what was that). My hubby declined and told her I do not need any pain killer. He knew I was determined to have a drug-free natural birth.

— Shei Wei, 1st time mum with 2-hour labour (Oct 08)

Wai Mei's 17-Month-Gap VBAC Birth Story

Jia Zhuan at birth Throughout the labour, everything went on smoothly. I had no worries about previous c-section scar rupture as I trusted my body. I applied HypnoBirthing breathing techniques whenever I surged and I was feeling very calm all the time because to me, the whole thing was very natural. I had full confidence with myself that I can do it the natural way.

— Wai Mei, 2nd-time HB mum with a short gap VBAC (Apr 08)

Sher Li's Holistic Lotus Birth Story

Baby Maya and placentaWaiHan: Sher Li and Shang are 1st time parents who are very connected with their baby. They sought a holistic birth for baby Maya and decided on lotus birth (leaving the umbilical cord intact) for a gentle beginning.
Because of our decision to have a Lotus Birth, Maya’s cord was not clamped nor cut at the hospital. By 7pm the same day, we checked out of the hospital with Maya and her cord still attached.

— Sher Li, 1st-time mum who had a lotus birth (Jan 09)

Cindy's Short and Joyous All-Natural Birth Story

Jolly ParentsWaiHan: This jolly couple from Penang, Cindy & Alvin, took the couse early, around 8-week pregnancy. They are truly committed to a gentle birth and made a lot of effort into finding a supportive careprovider. Mum called me in the morning on her labour day. We chatted and laughed a lot through her surges and I casually suggested her to wait for her appointment at 3pm. Mum listened to her birthing instincts instead. Baby Annabelle was gently welcomed into the world within 2 hours of them arriving at the hospital... before 3pm.

— Cindy, 1st time mum who had a short birth (Jan 09)

Daphne's Drug-Free All-Natural Birth Story

Baby JoyceI hope that my birth story can give a positive encouragement to all the mothers-to-be to believe that no matter how your birthing experience is, since everybody is different, it's possible to have natural birth and drug free birthing even though your birthing experience is a challenging one. You just got to believe that it's possible. I have made it happened.

— Daphne, 1st-time mum who got her birth wishes honoured at govt hospital (Oct 08)

Siew Lean's Confident and Fast VBAC Birth Story

Baby EmilyUpon reaching the hospital, the nurses checked me and I was 9cm dilated. HB had really prepared me to have no fear during birthing. Before the next surge, I asked the nurses to raise the seat so that I could be in a more vertical position to give birth to my baby. I went with my body, and what felt right at that point in time. I was relaxed throughout, and waited for the next surge to come. I breathed my baby down with one last deep breath, and baby was born at 8.10am.

— Siew Lean, 2nd-time mum who had an empowering VBAC (Jan 08)

Chiew Yee's Not-In-Time-for-Labour-Ward Birth Story

1 hour after birthWaiHan: Chiew Yee had an easy, comfortable, fast (nobody saw it coming), all-natural Hypnobirth, in Serdang government hospital. She birthed in the maternity ward instead of labour room... just as she wanted, planned and visualized! Her bill was around RM20.

— Chiew Yee, 2nd-time mum who birthed while waiting in the maternity ward, govt hospital (Mar 08)

Choy Pheng's High-Risk-Turned-Low Birth Story

Baby ShaniaWaiHan: Choy Pheng discovered HypnoBirthing at 35 weeks and determined to have a gentle natural birth and conquer her fears of childbirth despite her earlier stillbirth trauma, emotional baggage and "high-risk" label. Fully trusting her baby, she declined her doctor's offer of induction at 37 weeks. She gave birth to baby Shania in less than 3 hours after arriving at the hospital! Her birth, as she intended, was comfortable, drug-free and gentle.. but most of all, it was empowering and healing.

— Choy Pheng, 2nd-time mum who conquered her fears of childbirth (July 08)

Sabrina's Calm and Comfortable Birth Story

Big brother Keith & Baby CharlotteI've started listening to my HypnoBirthing cd when I've dilated to 5cm. At this time, my whole body was numb. The only place that I can feel is my womb. It's like as though my whole body and mind was focusing into one area. I don't even realised that I have dilated till 8cm...

— Sabrina, 2nd-time mum who achieved her birthing dreams (May 08)