Hospital birth

Joanne's Short and Euphoric En-Caul Birth Story

JoanneWe decided to go to the hospital and I was surprised to find out that I was almost complete and ready to have the baby! Had to wait 30 mins for the doctor to arrive (it was hard to hold the urge to push) and when the doctor came, it took me only another 15-20 mins to birth my baby boy! I birthed him in an all fours position and my water did not break at all so he was birthed inside the water bag! I cut the cord myself after it stopped pulsating as hubby felt too nervous to do it. It was such a fast and easy labour, gentle but at the same time empowering. I felt euphoric and strong after the birth and recovery was fast!

— Joanne, 2nd-time mum whose baby was born in the sac (Apr 08)

My First Birth - A Painless, Drug-Free Birth

Wai Han And Daughter, Xin-EOblivious to the commotion, I got comfortable lying on my left, continued listening to RR and zzzz.... Midwife came in to perform vaginal exam very hour, which was irritating but dilation seemed to stall at 8cm. I then declined further exams as I wasn't feeling any progress. Throughout the night, I dozed on the bed while hubby slept on the comfy couch at the corner, occasionally being my air-con remote controller. During each surge, I went with the flow and again, I was feeling great, going 8cm... 8cm... 8.5cm...

- Wai Han (Dec 2003)