Hospital Waterbirth

Cadence's From-Marathon-To-Sprint Waterbirth Story

Our familyLike many others, I have heard enough birthing experiences or rather “horror stories”  from mothers, families and friends. So deep inside my heart, there was no doubt that giving birth is one of the world’s most scariest and painful thing to do.

- Cadence Low, a determined first time mum who had an interesting birth dance with baby to fulfill their birthing dream (Sept 2014)

Vanee Loke's An Ordinary Miracle Waterbirth Story

On birth highDear Sophie and Sarah, this piece is for you. When your time comes to become mothers, I hope mama’s birth story will give you strength and encouragement. Be brave and embrace the gift of birth.

- VN Loke, 2nd time mum who basked in her birthing hormones and felt every step of her baby's birthing journey (April 2014)

Aishah Sinclair's Whirlwind Labour Yet Serene Waterbirth Story

Apples of my eyeAina’s birth was quite a whirlwind from beginning to the end, and I’d like to believe that I was in the calm of the eye of the storm. The entire duration of her birth from water bag breaking to her arrival was only five hours.

- Aishah Sinclair, 2nd time mum who carefully planned her dreamed birth, right up to the birthing date! (April 2014)

Mian Huay's Stick-to-the-Plan En Caul Waterbirth Story

and now we are 3...It was an Unexpected Pregnancy. We have just got married last year and right after marriage, the pregnancy test kit gave us a shock that I was expecting a baby. Well, financially we have just spent a fortune on the wedding 2 months ago and now that a baby was coming, this might gave us another financial burden. Well, my mum had always said that it is a gift, because not everybody gets to have children as they wanted.

- Mian Huay,1st-time mum who dedicatedly stuck to her birthplan to have a joyous waterbirth in Penang (August 2013)

Michelle Wong's Hardworking Labor Day Waterbirth Story

With Dr. ChoongIt was Week 33 and the resolution to make my second birth experience a better one seems to have been pushed aside due to a crazy schedule of juggling work and another child. It was Week 34 and a half before I put my foot down, no more procrastination! And this was when I decided to look seriously into HypnoBirthing.

- Michelle Wong, 2nd-time who laboured for a zen-like waterbirth on Labor Day (May 2012)

Caryn Ooi's Exciting and Addictive Hospital Water Birth Story

Giving birth via HypnoBirthing had helped me to remove doubt and negative input regarding childbirth all these years. It had linked me back to how Mother Nature is able to do her job and how amazing our body is able to give forth life in natural way without any intervention.

— Caryn Ooi, 1st-time mum who had a beautiful waterbirth in Penang (July 2012)