Big baby weighing above 4kg

Jaclyn Lee亲手迎接随胎膜出世的宝宝 - VBAC自助居家水中温柔生产故事


-- Jaclyn Lee,第二胎妈妈,亲手迎接被胎膜包裹着的巨婴宝宝 (March 2016)


Erin Tan's Quest for A Healing Birth VBAC Story

With Dr Roslan at 6 weeks postnatal check up"Hi, my name is Erin, I’m 37yo and I’m a happy mother of a 4yo boy and a 6mo girl. I’d like to share my experience on birthing with GDM, emergency cesarean and my quest for VBAC."

- Erin Tan, 2nd time mum who worked hard to achieve what she believed her body and baby could do - a VBAC! (Jan 2015)

Sofia Azyze's Epic Unassisted En Caul Home-Waterbirth After 4 Cesareans Story

Baby Darryl (HBA4C baby)Unassisted home-waterbirth after FOUR cesareans with no prior vaginal birth. Against all odds:

- Release of membrane at 40weeks, yet baby was born en caul
- Meconium-stained fluid for more than 24hours
- 4.2kg baby was born at 41weeks and 3 days, lovingly welcomed by the whole family

- Sofia Azyze, 5th-time mum who decided to take charge of her birth and had an epic VBA4C at home. (September 2012)

Natasha's Euphoric Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

Baby Sherin - a 4kg bundle of joyI said to myself, be calm Natasha... trust your body, trust Him like how you trusted Him all these while when the baby’s inside you, you are not alone.. surely He is with you.. and ...I wanted to cry, -no I did not feel pain during the surges, but I wanted to cry because I knew that I was about to birth very very soon. Without anyone. Only Him and me.

- Natasha, 2nd time mum who had an euphoric home-alone waterbirth (May 2013)

Fieza Idris - Pengalaman Bersalin "Overdue" Dan "Bayi Besar" Tanpa Ubatan

Buat anakandaku Aaron Harith, Mac datang lagi. Bulan yang paling bermakna buat Mummy dan Daddy kerana bukan sahaja kerana kami telah diijabkabulkan pada bulan Mac, tetapi juga kerana kami menerima kehadiran putera sulung kami pada bulan istimewa ini. Sempena ulang tahun kelahiranmu yang pertama ini, izinkan Mummy bercerita sedikit mengenai kenangan mengandung dan melahirkanmu, wahai anakku.

- Fieza Idris, 1st-time mum who birthed at 43weeks+4 days to a 3.95kg boy (March 2012)

Cherlyn's Awesome Unassisted Homebirth of a 9-pounder Story

unforgettable moment of birthFirst, I have a big baby. Doctor already said he was big at term and if I "overdue" will end up c-section. Doctor even rejected to scan me after term as she didn't want to take the risk. My baby came 10 days past my EDD. Second, labour was too long.. it ended up 18hrs of intense pain. In the hospital, I might end up having high blood pressure. Third, baby in occiput posterior position. Fourth, meconium spotted.. all these might end me up in c-section.

— Cherlyn, 1st-time mum who birthed her 9-pound son at home, 10 days past her EDD (June 11)