Nuchal cord

Cord wrapped around neck of baby

Cadence's From-Marathon-To-Sprint Waterbirth Story

Our familyLike many others, I have heard enough birthing experiences or rather “horror stories”  from mothers, families and friends. So deep inside my heart, there was no doubt that giving birth is one of the world’s most scariest and painful thing to do.

- Cadence Low, a determined first time mum who had an interesting birth dance with baby to fulfill their birthing dream (Sept 2014)

Melissa's Calm Labour Despite A Turn of Event Surgical Birth Story

a bundle of joy - day 23I’m thankful however that my doctor had allowed me to experience labor and respected our decision. As what hubby said, what’s important is that we did try our best under the circumstances and at the end of the day, both baby and mummy are safe.

- Melissa, 1st-time mum who laboured calmly with HypnoBirthing and made good decisions for the safety of her baby (Sept 2013)

Wan Ni的自助居家水中生产, 宝宝随胎膜(en caul)温柔诞生, 一小时速产!


- Wan Ni, 2nd time mum who enjoyed her powerful precipitous 1-hour birth at home in Malacca (August 2013)

Ros's 7th Baby Warmth-filled En Caul Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

Received!Some moms asked me about the differences between this and hospital births. The feeling of having baby in my arms for the first time is the same, but this time round it’s warmth all over - from friendship, and love from hubby, and the water. Hospital environment is cold and the air-cond is too cold (yeah a big issue for me.) Even that made me stressed. Freedom, laughter that made me relax, seeing my baby staring at me underwater, being the first one to lift baby up to my arms... a truly amazing experience and I thank Allah over and over for that.

- Ros, SEVENTH-time mum who had a 1-hour easy birth at home (Oct 2013)

Ow Hui Ching's Birthing-Her-Way Hospital Birth Story

Our little man, Warren, he is the best gift for my hubby and me in year 2013. We were hoping that our first baby is a boy and we knew about his gender since he was only 12 weeks (he is definitely a Man!) and we have been calling him "Warren" since then.

- Ow Hui Ching, 1st-time mum who powerfully birthed her baby whose cord was 2 loops around the neck, 4 days after her membrane released (August 2013)

Munirah's Spiritual Unassisted Home-Water Birth Story

Baby KathrienaOn 22nd August, the EDD given by my obgyn, my husband and I were at the doctor's clinic with no sign of labor. I asked my obgyn if it’s possible for me to give birth at home. Without hesitation he said, "sure, why not!"

- Munirah, 1st-time mum who renewed her faith and trust from a nuchal cord experience (August 2012)

Ling's Beautiful Unassisted En Caul-Lotus-Home Birth Story

nuchal hand: hand by the face and cord around neck. Baby rotated to birth his boWith about two long contractions that seemed like two heavy pushes, the baby’s head was finally visible and it was becoming so intense that I couldn’t stand and the baby was out finally with the sac that looked like a thin layer of veil over his head. Within a split second the sac broke and there was like a gush of water. The baby came oozing out that neither of us can catch him.

— Ling, 3rd-time mum who birthed her en-caul baby as Nature intended, at home (Dec 2010)