OP baby

Occiput Posterior - baby born face-up

Dayna's Rewarding-Birth-Despite-A-Change-of-Plan Story

A magical momentEver since I married, I've been reading birth stories from HypnoBirthing website and determined to have homebirth. And when I was pregnant, together with a friend we attended the class and gained a lot of knowledge and insights for birthing.

- Dayna, 1st-time mum whose birthing took a turn and yet achieved a smooth birth (Oct 2013)

Cherlyn's Awesome Unassisted Homebirth of a 9-pounder Story

unforgettable moment of birthFirst, I have a big baby. Doctor already said he was big at term and if I "overdue" will end up c-section. Doctor even rejected to scan me after term as she didn't want to take the risk. My baby came 10 days past my EDD. Second, labour was too long.. it ended up 18hrs of intense pain. In the hospital, I might end up having high blood pressure. Third, baby in occiput posterior position. Fourth, meconium spotted.. all these might end me up in c-section.

— Cherlyn, 1st-time mum who birthed her 9-pound son at home, 10 days past her EDD (June 11)

Ayuni's Marathon Labour, Unassisted Homebirth Story

Marikh at birthSo water broke at 6.40am on 30th August 2010. My doctor said if the baby doesn't come out within 24-48 hours, I have to make my decision. What he was really saying is, "you should deliver at the hospital". He also did a last check on the baby through the scan and said in a warning tone, "your baby is big...3.5 kilos..." What he was really saying is, "you should deliver at the hospital". He never said it directly though. I think he knew my dead determination to have it at home. He also dropped the bomb that my baby is posterior therefore labor is going to be long and difficult.

— Ayuni, 1st-time mum who is determined to give her son a homebirth, just like how she herself was born (Sept 10)