Orgasmic birth

Hayati's Dream-Come-True, 2nd Unassisted Orgasmic-Home-Water-Lotus Birth Story

waterbirthMy birth dreams and wishes for this second birth:

“I wish to successfully receive my baby girl at home in the water, within 6 hours or less starting from midnight and done by dawn. I wish to experience an orgasmic birth with intact perineum. I would also want my son to be there and witnessed his sister being born”.

— Hayati Muzaffar, 2nd-time mum having a 2nd-time orgasmic homebirth, a year later (Nov 2012)

Robert Heng's Heroic Unassisted Home-Water Birth Story

receivedAnd what appeared like few seconds (actually few minutes) the entire baby slipped out smoothly underwater into my hands. Honestly, I was in such a stunned mode that I didn’t know what to feel. I guess, after all the anxiety and uncertainties, it has come to this precious moment to see him perfectly well in my arms.

— Robert Heng, 1st-time Dad who loving received his son into his hands, at home, at 36-week (Feb 2012)


Grace Tan's Ecstatic Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

1st meetI did my first routine prenatal checkup and our doctor told me that I would not be able to take epidural as I have prior back injuries. All that was running in my mind was; how on earth am I able to survive the pain?

— Grace Tan, 1st-time mum who went from fearful to trustful and had an orgasmic home-waterbirth at 36-week (Feb 2012)

Vivian Foo's Orgasmic, Precipitous, Dramatic yet Gentle VBAC Story

Baby Eu MaineI continued to bleed following each surge. I asked Wai Han again if I really needed to go to the hospital. She told me that she was not sure, as she had not seen blood of this amount before during childbirth.

— Vivian Foo, 3rd-time mum who achieved a gentle, orgasmic VBAC, despite a heavy bleed during labour. And went home right after birth. (November 2011)