Premature Release Of Membrane (before labor begins)

A Mother's Pain and Thriump - An Unassisted Home-Water-Lotus Birth Story

"As time passed, friends who were also pregnant asked me which hospital I would wish to give birth in, given that here in Perlis, options are rather limited..."

- "Amatullah", from Perlis, first-time mum who worked hard to achieve the best birth for her baby, and herself. (Sept 2015)

Wan Ni's Yet Another Speedy and Trusting Unassisted Home-Waterbirth Story

Baby Bryan, 3kg bundle of joy经历过一次居家分娩的美好,当怀上第三胎时,我们毫不需思索的决定,再来一次水中温柔分娩吧。。

- Wan Ni, 3rd time mum from Malacca who had yet another speedy home-waterbirth, 20 hours after membrane released at 38-week pregnancy! (July 2015)

Joon Li's Drama Satu Minggu Birth Story

Abigale was born on September 2, 2012 (Sunday) in the wee hours of the morning at 1.58 am. However, we had a drama week before her birth... 8 days earlier to be exact... (It all started with a gush of water...)

- Joon Li, 1st time super patient mum who birthed au-naturel, 8 DAYS (!!!) after her membrane released (Sept 2014)

Julie Jamaludin's Instinctive Unassisted Home VBA2C Birth Story

Baby Muhammad Fitri bin FirdausOn that Monday, 2nd December morning, after sending my 2 sons to the nursery, I felt the mild surges. I set up the contraction timer on my phone. It was about 10-15 minutes apart but still bearable. Then I stopped thinking about it and stopped timing it, but I knew my baby was coming, in my heart.

- Julie Jamaludin, 3rd-time mum who kept her faith and was blessed with VBA2C at home (Alor Setar), 48hours after membrane released! (Dec 2013)

Ow Hui Ching's Birthing-Her-Way Hospital Birth Story

Our little man, Warren, he is the best gift for my hubby and me in year 2013. We were hoping that our first baby is a boy and we knew about his gender since he was only 12 weeks (he is definitely a Man!) and we have been calling him "Warren" since then.

- Ow Hui Ching, 1st-time mum who powerfully birthed her baby whose cord was 2 loops around the neck, 4 days after her membrane released (August 2013)