Retained placenta

Placenta not expelled within 30mins of birth

Birthing the Impossible: Mardiana's Unassisted En Caul, Homebirth VBA5C Story

Baby Nur Keisha Adelia ZahraJust to share my homebirth and VBA5C experience on 2/5/2014 Friday, 11.44 pm, baby girl 3.8 kg, one day earlier than EDD 3/5/2014.

- Mardiana, 6th-time mum who renewed her faith for an awe-inspiring homebirth after 5 cesareans (+ 1 minor surgery for ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage) (May 2014)

Atiqah's Sleepy and Nonchalent 2nd Unassisted Homebirth Story

Baby Muhammad AslanThe only issue I had to face on was getting the personal birth support as husband would be away doing his masters in the US during the EDD so I had to think about how to maneuver my 3rd birth without a handy 'birth assistant'.

- Atiqah, 3rd-time mum who single-handedly and nonchalantly managed her 2nd homebirth, and was rewarded with a nice surprise! (June 2013)

Afidah's Detour From Grocery-Shopping to Supporting Birth Doula-Story

My husband asked me who called. “It’s Nik. Yda’s husband.” I answered.
“Why? Is she in labour?” he asked. “Yes. Nik said that she cannot tahan any more with birth ball and she has jumped in the pool already” I explained.
“Then, let’s just go there.” He decided. “Tak jadi beli grocery?” I asked.
“Nanti-nanti lah. Maybe she is in need of emotional support right now” said my husband.

- Afidah Kasim, whose family made a detour from grocery shopping to supporting a homebirth (May 2013)

Julie's Empowering, Gentle, Unassisted Homebirth Story

searching for mummy's faceI want to share with you this most beautiful experience of my life,the birth of my son and my first child, Senna Lee-Widjaja. Birthing him has been one of the greatest achievement AND joy of my life and I have no doubt that this is largely due to his natural and gentle birth into this world, surrounded by loving family and friends in our own home.

— Julie Lee, 1st-time mum, who gained much self-understanding through her gentle homebirth (Sept 2012)

Atiqah's Peaceful and Healing Unassisted Homebirth Story

feisty babyMy homebirthing experience started with an old problem. They say when you have problem then only you will look for solution. In my case my problem was for the longest time I didn't want to recall my firstborn birthing memory 4 years ago.

— Atiqah, 2nd-time mum who had a healing and peaceful homebirth (Feb 2012)

Adibah Ismail's Calm and Empowering Unassisted Office Birth Story

baby & placentaI have the childbirth that I wanted. An absolute natural childbirth without any intervention or drug in any stage of labor. The result is so great, mentally & physically. My childbirth experience really affected me emotionally. I become a different person. I felt great after my homebirth & the recovery was also so much faster than my 1st hospital birth.

— Adibah Ismail, 2nd-time mum who made an informed choice to homebirth (Oct 11)

'Umm Maryam''s Empowering and Trusting Unassisted Homebirth Story

Baby MaryamThe thought of having a homebirth only came about 2 months before my EDD. I stumbled upon a homebirther's story, and I'm starting to get the courage to have it at home. Alhamdulillah, I safely birthed my precious baby girl Maryam, at around 2:22AM (estimated time) on June 8th, 2011 in my own sweet home.

— 'Umm Maryam', 2nd-time mum who had an empowering beautiful homebirth (June 11)

Nana's Beautifully Perfect Unassisted Homebirth Story

savoring the scent of newbornSomehow after the successful homebirth experience of my little nephew, Andy Malik, it got me thinking maybe, maybe its an option. Getting to agree on homebirth was another thing. I have to admit it was not an immediate decision between me and hubby. It came with much thought, discussion, research (this was all me I have to say :P) and mostly support from family and friends.

— Nana Ghazali, 2nd-time mum who had a beautifully perfect homebirth (June 11)

'Yukabid''s Calm and Lovely Unassisted Homebirth Story

All praises due upon the Almighty Creator, mom and baby was fine. Baby was perfectly healthy, my 3kg girl born at home. So much for the awful stress I went through during the last few weeks when I stupidly took the glucose tolerance test and got myself labelled GD or GDM when I had ZERO symptoms to be concerned about! Good riddance and hellooo beautiful baby!

— "yukabid", a 2nd-time mum who had a well-planned homebirth (albeit an unexpected retained placenta) (Mar 11)