Small pelvis

Khairul's No-Drama Unassisted En Caul, Home-Waterbirth VBAC Story

Beautiful sacI’ve known of gentle birth and HypnoBirthing during my early pregnancy through a friend.  Then I started to search information about HypnoBirthing in Malaysia and read all birth stories in HypnoBirthing website which are really inspiring.

- Khairul Huda, a petite (145cm height) 2nd time mum who birthed her 3.2kg baby easily (July 2013)

Yasmin's Painless, Devotional Birth Story

I came to a point of firm belief that childbearing is an absolutely natural beautiful process and that even though I am only 4’11, I absolutely could deliver my baby naturally as long as baby is healthy.

- Yasmin Ruth Paranjothy, 1st-time petite mum who surrendered to God for a miraculous pain-free birth, at 43-week! (Oct 2010)

Yasmin's Divine Unassisted Homebirth Story

Baby GabriellaMy 2nd pregnancy and birth experience was SO different from my 1st with Zuriel. With Zuriel’s pregnancy and birth, our prayer and belief was that it would be natural and painless and God certainly answered that prayer. But for this 2nd birth, we did not really ask God for a painless birth but for the opportunity to birth SAFE and FAST in the comfort of home.

- Yasmin Ruth Paranjothy, 2nd-time petite mum who homebirthed with pure trust and faith (July 2013)

Si Seng's Near-Escape-from-the-Knife Birth Story

1st meetDuring our last visit to doctor's clinic, he told us that our baby was quite big for a small person like Minyi (148cm) and tried to persuade us to go for C-Section. For me at least, it was definitely a no-no.

— Si Seng, 1st-time Dad who was the pillar of strength at the challenging birth of his daughter, 3.65kg (Nov 2012)

Aryanti's Easy Unassisted Homebirth Despite Doc's Prediction Story

welcome to the worldBeing told again and again by 5 different doctors that due to my height (141cm) and small built I will have to go for cesarean, I was somewhat haunted by their words. Especially that I've gone over my estimated due date, I was starting to believe that those doctors were right; baby was not able to descend because my pelvic bone is too small.

— Aryanti, 1st time mum (141cm height) who birthed her 3.3kg baby easily at home (with presence of meconium) (Feb 2012)

Dr. Asyikin's Size-Does-Not-Matter Easy and Calm Birth Story

Awesome coupleI am a petite mother, height is 148cms with pre pregnancy weight of 35kgs. On the other hand, Hubby is 189cms with weight of 94kgs. The fear of having a baby that is too big for me to have a vaginal birth brought us to Wai Han's class. Alhamdulillah, everything works well for us.

— Dr. Nurul Asyikin, 1st-time 148cm petite mum who believe in her body & baby (Oct 11)