Surgical birth

Melissa's Calm Labour Despite A Turn of Event Surgical Birth Story

a bundle of joy - day 23I’m thankful however that my doctor had allowed me to experience labor and respected our decision. As what hubby said, what’s important is that we did try our best under the circumstances and at the end of the day, both baby and mummy are safe.

- Melissa, 1st-time mum who laboured calmly with HypnoBirthing and made good decisions for the safety of her baby (Sept 2013)

Fay Chin's Calm-Ceasarean-Honoring-Baby's-Time Story

Baby Scott: I was still breech... The ultrasound result was the same when I turned 36 weeks old. The specialist at the health clinic was also worried with me not growing well as I was not picking-up weight (still estimated at 1.8kg) since 32 weeks old as well as head did not grow much. In addition to that, mommy’s water bag was not containing enough water to cushion me and for me to move around (Amniotic Fluid Index <10).

- Fay Chin, 1st-time mum who made an informed decision for a surgical birth and waited for baby to be ready (Nov 2012)