Vaginal Birth After Multiple Cesarean

Wei Yun's Just-In-Time VBA2C Story

Baby MitchelBaby arrived on week 40+7 days. Throughout my pregnancy, I was under the care of Dr. Haw (Columbia Asia Balakong) and subsequently Dr. Roslan (FPP, Hospital Selayang).

- Wei Yun, 3rd-time mum who had an empowering VBA2C, 30mins upon arriving at hospital (June 2014)

Birthing the Impossible: Mardiana's Unassisted En Caul, Homebirth VBA5C Story

Baby Nur Keisha Adelia ZahraJust to share my homebirth and VBA5C experience on 2/5/2014 Friday, 11.44 pm, baby girl 3.8 kg, one day earlier than EDD 3/5/2014.

- Mardiana, 6th-time mum who renewed her faith for an awe-inspiring homebirth after 5 cesareans (+ 1 minor surgery for ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage) (May 2014)


吕惟真 - 莲花生产曾经询问过两家的妇科医生的意见。如果我们使用自然生产在医院可以吗?两位妇科医生都表示,之前三个孩子都是使用剖腹生产的,不可能使用自然生产,危险性非常高~!

- 吕小德, 挑战医学权威,剖腹3次后在家顺产(VBA3C), 温柔地迎接第四个宝宝。槟城。 (Dec 2013)

Julie Jamaludin's Instinctive Unassisted Home VBA2C Birth Story

Baby Muhammad Fitri bin FirdausOn that Monday, 2nd December morning, after sending my 2 sons to the nursery, I felt the mild surges. I set up the contraction timer on my phone. It was about 10-15 minutes apart but still bearable. Then I stopped thinking about it and stopped timing it, but I knew my baby was coming, in my heart.

- Julie Jamaludin, 3rd-time mum who kept her faith and was blessed with VBA2C at home (Alor Setar), 48hours after membrane released! (Dec 2013)

Sofia Azyze's Epic Unassisted En Caul Home-Waterbirth After 4 Cesareans Story

Baby Darryl (HBA4C baby)Unassisted home-waterbirth after FOUR cesareans with no prior vaginal birth. Against all odds:

- Release of membrane at 40weeks, yet baby was born en caul
- Meconium-stained fluid for more than 24hours
- 4.2kg baby was born at 41weeks and 3 days, lovingly welcomed by the whole family

- Sofia Azyze, 5th-time mum who decided to take charge of her birth and had an epic VBA4C at home. (September 2012)

Puan Y's Triumphant VBA2C Birth Story

Alhamdulillah, finally I am at home with my newborn girl. Birth is an emotional process and for me, this time is a special, emotional birth for me because it made me a VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans) mom :)))) Here goes my story..

- Puan Y, a courageous and determined mum who had the VBA2C she wished despite unfriendly environment in the govt hospital (June 2013)