Angelina’s 25mins Speedy Unassisted Home, Lotus Birth Story

Baby ZephyrZephyr's older brother Kiefer was born in a solo, unassisted birth on my bedroom floor about 4.5 years ago. Not part of my grand plan ;P

This time I had all my birth pool and its accessories ready and waiting (in my car boot) and was visualizing a smooth water birth for Zephyr.

Apparently none of my sons want to be born in water! Psssst...Birth-Pool-In-A-Box for sale, again, if anyone is interested...

The night of May 5th 2016, Kiefer and his dad arrived in Kuching. I had flown back alone to Kuching at week 34 so we were anticipating to spend some quality family time before Zephyr arrived, supposedly on May 18th.

Early in the morning on May 6th 2016, less than 12 hours after Papa and Koko flew in, Zephyr decided to make his entry earthside to join our happy family reunion.

That morning all three of us were still fast asleep in bed, the two of them slightly jetlagged. I got out of bed at 7:15am to go the toilet and cleared my bowels. Noticed that Braxton Hicks seemed more intense than usual, but dismissed it as Zephyr was only 38 weeks then. Caught my Mum and nephew who were just leaving for his kindy and said Good morning to them.

Once I got back into bed to continue my sleep, a gush of water suddenly erupted down below. A quick glance at the clock showed that it was 7:30am. I leapt of out bed quickly so that I wouldn’t wet the mattress and DH woke up to stare at me. I told him not to worry, and that my water broke (didn't experience this with DS1). Reassured DH that I had zero surges and it was still too early for this baby to emerge. But he got up anyway and quickly took his shower, probably his Daddy instincts were telling him that his baby was coming!

Less than 15 mins later, I had to eat my words...a strong surge came over me and I knelt at the side of our bed. Apparently this baby wanted out and he wanted out NOW! DH volunteered to get my Birth Pool out from the car but I replied that there was no time to set it up. The only thing he could do for me was to play my HypnoBirthing CD and set it to loop.

While riding the next  few intense surges by my bedside, DS1 woke up and looked alarmed to see me clutching the side of the bed and moaning. His dad carried him downstairs so that grandpa could help watch him. I felt a very strong urge to poop, so I crab-walked as fast as I could manage to the loo right next door and sat down on the potty. Within seconds Zephyr's tiny, hairy head emerged. I yelled for DH to hurry upstairs again.

As I stood up and took a few steps forward, one more intense surge came and DH had flown up the stairs and appeared next to me prepped like a rugby player ready to catch the rugby ball. Only with the next one or two surges did Zephyr slide out into his dad's waiting hands. We were both coaxing him, saying “Make your way down, Zephyr” with our hands at his head (something I had learnt at Haptonomy class).

It was roughly after 8ish, when his slippery body slid into his dad’s hands, so we set the time of birth at 8:10am. I did not have to push, don’t think I would have been able to anyway, since I was standing upright. Wished I could have gotten down on all fours for better control but hey, baby was out and I did not tear at all this round.

Once DH passed me our slippery baby, I tried to nurse him while still standing up in the bathroom. He eventually suckled and soon enough out plopped the placenta. DH washed my legs and I got him to bring me the sieve for placenta because I really wanted a Lotus Birth this time. We did severe the cord on Day 3, because it got  pretty stinky despite all the dried rosemary herbs and it didn’t fully dry up. The leftover stump fell off early morning on Day 5 and left a nice looking, clean belly button on Zephyr.

From the start Little Zephyr nursed like a pro, he was about 3.6kgs when he emerged and now before his 3rd week, is over 4kgs.

This birth experience was another beautiful one, especially because this time my life partner was there right by my side. He was bummed that he had missed our elder one’s beautiful birth and I am so proud of the calm way he handled our second baby’s birth.

I also feel much stronger postpartum this round, my homeopath had given me Arnica 200 to take before and after birth, but I only managed to take it after birthing. Good thing I had more energy this round too because the next 2.5 weeks after Zephy’s birth, JPN was a nightmare and made me go around the world literally before I could get Zephyr’s birth cert. But that's another story...

- Angelina Ong (May 2016)

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