Chern Pei Wei's Sepantas-Kilat En Caul Birth Story

Sharing my short-cum-unexpected-sepantas-kilat-birth story :D but story line is long, hehe.

Ob/Gynae : Dr Idora of Pantai Bangsar Hospital. Planned to have water birth.

@35weeksEDD : 9/9

24th-25th Aug - had frequent BH plus tiny bit of pain feeling. At one point, BH/surges (gosh I was confused by then whether those were purely BH or surges) came 7-8 mins apart for more than an hour. I thought: "Ini kali lah???" But then it paused for 30mins and started again and then stopped completely. Back to active mode, business as usual.

38weeks. At concert26th Aug - into 38th week. Went for check up. Baby was doing fine, head down, everything good. So let's just sit back and relax...wait for De Day lah. On 28/9 I also happily went for my HK idol's concert at Stadium Bukit Jalil; my sister was in stress accompanying me. She worried I might terberanak there.

1st Sept @8am - woke up with BH, and gradually turned into pain. Solely pain feeling. So I started to time my surges. The surges intensity was still bearable, very mild. After an hour, surges were slightly stronger. From 10.35am-11am, it was 5mins apart and surges was very very strong!! Waaahhh..again..must be ini kali lah!! So I took a quick warm shower, then grabbed my bags and headed to the hospital. I tell "water birth props" really a lot - cd player so that I can listen to Rainbow relaxation, gym ball, matching top and skirt to soak myself in the waterbirth tub , 4 towels because hospital doesn't provide any... Can imagine, like pindah rumah!

On the way to the hospital, I quickly called the hospital and spoke to the labour ward nurse to start preparing my birthing tub. The surges suddenly went up another level, till at one point I could feel baby has reached the pintu pagar exit!! I told hub, "I can't walk, so just go to ER. I need a wheelchair." As nurse wheeled me to the labour room, another super strong surge came (she saw my breathing was like so teruk hence pushed faster.) Just as I reached the labour ward, I had another surge and this time I could really feel her head. She was coming out! Nurses also could sense I was ready to birth. They also kan cheong LOL! As soon as the surge was over, I quickly climbed up on bed and I noticed I had tiny spotting. I was told to lay down side way.

Another strong surge came, and I screamed, "She wanna come out already!!!"

Nurse kept telling me, "Don't push yet!! Doc is coming."

"I am not pushing but she is really coming out already!! Fasterrr!! Where is the doc?!!"

Then nurses wanted to give me the gas.

"NO NEED!! I want the doc, baby is coming out!!"

Waa so drama....

en caul babyDoc came, and with just a quick look, she said to me, "Pei Wei, I can see her head already. Forget about water birth ok..u can breathe her out when you are ready. Save your money also :) " I nodded, and straight away made my first J-Breathing. Head was coming out and doc said the sac was still intact! Did 2nd breathing..somehow I ter-changed to pushing and baby's half body was out, then 3rd attempt back to J-Breathing...I heard a slight "pop" sound and so the sac burst.

So all in, from the moment nurse wheeled me into labour room up to birthing my baby - it took me 10mins only to have my baby in my arms. IF I were to take a slightly longer shower, I could have a home birth baby. Or IF it was not a public holiday hence got to face the bad traffic, I could have a car birth.

My diva weighed 3.37kg. She is the biggest in size compared to her eldest sister @ 2.3kg, and the other sister @3.17kg birth weight.

My baby's size is considered big for my petite body. I am only 154cm, weighing 50kg on my last trimester (my pre pregnancy skeletal body was only 38kg.) I believed that due to my gentle birthing i.e. to breathe out my baby instead of the hard core pushing action, I only had very minor natural tear; only 3 stitches needed, unlike my previous 2 deliveries whereby I had episiotomy.

And for the first time, zero VE from my obgyn for this pregnancy and birth. Happy!!

Ok, sekian berita.

- Chern Pei Wei (Sept 2014)