Wan Ning's F1 Birth Story

I wanted a smooth and painless birth since my first birth was unpleasant and terrifying. So I communicated with my baby: "let's make it fast, 30 minutes." At the end, baby came out within 15 minutes. It was truly a fast and furious birth!

The Birthing Day

It was Hari Raya public holiday. After we had big breakfast in the morning, I had birth show in the afternoon, with regular surges. I did visualisation, breathing techniques which I learnt in HypnoBirthing class to keep calm and comfortable while enjoying the surges (waves). Hubby did light touch massage for me too. I also contacted Wai Han & Michelle to seek some encouragement.

Hallmark of Labour

Surges continued till 7pm... I couldn't take it anymore. Couldn't eat much. My favourite position was sitting on the toilet bowl. Felt so much more comfortable. Kept feeling wanting to poo.

Around 9pm, another big amount of birth show and we thought: "It's time to go to hospital!"

I couldn't sit still in the car, so I assumed a squatting position. My membrane released then and I could feel baby's head was coming out...

F1 Birth

Once we reached hospital, I was pushed on a wheel chair to the delivery room. Again, I felt the sensation to poo. It was 11pm. Nurse wanted to VE, check heart beat, etc. I politely declined all medical procedures and continued with my favourite position, now being lying on my side.

Surges came and I changed to kneeling. As soon as I did so, baby was born! Doctor asked me to receive baby myself. It was 11.15pm. Hubby got to cut the cord this time which he didn't had the opportunity to do for my elder daughter.

HypnoBirthing Rocks!

Baby was born within 15 minutes! 3.5kg. I was alert and in full control during the entire birth. No pain at all and I felt amazing after the birth - I could chit-chat with doctor and nurses, and even discussed tomorrow's meal! Shortly after birth I could get down from bed feeling energetic. In my previous birth, I had to follow doctor's instructions which made me feel very insecure and uncomfortable. I had no idea about the birthing process. I was cold and felt like dying post-delivery - very weak, needed a long bed rest and suffered greatly whenever I passed urine or bowel movement.

Baby was so calm and alert. We enjoyed an hour of skin-to-skin bonding. Baby was on my body immediately after being born, and he opened his eyes to look at me. It was a beautiful moment I will cherish forever. In comparison, my elder daughter is more high need, perhaps due to the traumatic birth with epidural and vacuum. She could not sleep well as a baby too. This HypnoBirthing baby is very calm, feels secure, sleeps well and very steady. He can even play on his own. HypnoBirthing definitely made a difference.

-- Wan Ning (July 2015)