Munny birth story

摸清自己的意愿 Munny做到咯!


My little pingo came to the earth on 19 Dec (39week 5days) ❤ weighing 3.4kg and 51cm ?.

Morning feel surge every 10minutes. Text dr and went to hosp 3 hrs later for covid test and check dilation (was 4 cm). Dr said I can go back home ? went to Ramen Shi Shi Do for lunch. Went back home for a nap and stay in hot bath until beh tahan, 6pm+ back to hospital. Planned to decorate labour room, music and air diffuser. But was in shit pain ? every surge feels worse on my pelvic bone. Cant sit cant sleep. Feels better when use hot pack and massage (for 12 hrs, every 10mins, 8mins,…2mins, husb had to massage my bag and apply hot pack for me ? rip thumbs). Had fever, Pingo heartbeat went uo to 180. Had drip and antibiotic. Our midwife, Nisa wipe me with wet towel. Luckily fever went down few hrs later. And shit I forgot what happened, 6 hrs passed and dr check, Im still on 5cm ?. I almost give up and ask dr to explain pain relief and almost ask for Csec. Luckily my husband @adrianhohhh told me not to give up and supports me. Keep telling me that we are meeting pingo soon. Finally 10cm, they saw pingo’s hair already, but he keep going back in ? (thanks son). Tried hypnobirthing breathing, but my instict told me to just push him. After 1.5hr of pushing, finally big Pingo is out! (Dr estimate he is 3kg. But he is 3.4kg ?)

Glad that everything went well thanks to Dr.Bheena from Columbia Asia, for following my birth plan and did her best to let me choose what I want for my birth.

Big thank you to my Hypnobirthing teacher San San for telling me I can do it when everyone else tell me I cant ? (“your body frame is too small, baby too big!” , “you cannot lah. Csec only lah”, “induce baby lah 39 week already as long as baby is safe”). And also for telling us that we can plan our dream birth, and say no when we are uncomfortable.

I would suggest mums esp first time mama to attend hypnobirthing class to learn more about how we can plan our own birth, making it more enjoyable than fear ? I’m someone who is afraid of needle pain. Yet I chose natural birth.



Munny对自己想要的自然分娩这件事很坚定,也意识到目前的医生或许并不适合自己。在这个节骨眼上,她决定找2nd opinion。在与第二位医生洽谈后,她决定更换自己的妇产科医生。





I keep thinking, I’m at good condition… leg shorter few cm why cannot born big baby ?? Don’t tell me short ppl organ smaller ??

I don’t have high blood pressure, don’t have heart disease.. My baby is healthy.. I see no point to csec or induce.I really want to be conscious when first meet.

I’m the person that take the most pain to give birth to him, but it’s so sad if I’m unconscious and don’t know what happened.


妈妈的意愿和力量真的很强大!如果你也是小个子妈妈,如果你也听到很多人告诉你:你太小太瘦、你的宝宝太大,你不能自然产的等等… 希望Munny的故事,能给你一些勇气,来追寻自己的Dream Birth。