Nora birth story



I want to pen down and commemorate my biggest project launched in2021- being a mom.

I especially would like to highlight my birth experience, it was truly an eye opener. As a yoga practitioner, I was quite aware and conscious about my body, but growing a human inside me and giving birth was a whole new story!

Still remember vividly as my due date approached, I’ve experienced Braxton Hicks and wondering if baby would come anytime. However, we waited until week 40 ( baby staying in too comfy, I guess), an induction was suggested by Dr. Upon discussion, we agreed to be induced on week40+1.

With this, I got to ramped up my birth affirmation practice, I made sure to meditate every day, practice yoga and keep my thoughts on my baby and my birth. I watched positive birthing videos, read positive stories and visualised how my V bloom like a flower and saw my own birth panning out .

On 4th May morning, I’ve packed up and all ready to welcome my baby (almost left my “runaway” bag at home ?). I’ve started induced around 10am, the whole day, my husband and I was literally lingering in our birthing suite waiting for the surge to happen. We had our alone sweet time, enjoying food delivery and dance the surge away. I felt some discomfort but it wasn’t consistent, til end of the day it was only 2cm dilated ( not even active labour after a whole day?).

5th May 2021

Little did we know, it could dragged til the next day, even our parents was nervous and called up to check why labour isn’t happening yet… Dr came in the morning and gave me the second induction. He told me it would take about 3hours. In between the surges started happen intensely and upon checking Dr asked me to wait for another few hours.

After Dr left, I was in a moment of distressed and the surges got more intense. I was offered epidural but I rejected, my husband thought that I would find this very difficult but I felt my hypnobirthing had taught me to remain calm and I stayed focused on my breathing.

I kept repeating the affirmation ‘every surge brings me closer to meeting my baby’ and I genuinely welcomed each one, feeling powerful as I pushed into them, being calm to know my baby would soon arrive.

Dr came and ready for my labour, I had been focusing on my breathing and pushing for over 30mins. At this point I felt the fire in my belly and fully concentrated on what I needed to do to birth my baby. He was born moments later!

I felt euphoric when he was placed on my chest. As our birth preference, we had our golden hour, with delayed cord clamping, skin to skin and he began breastfeeding.

A very empowering, surreal, and amazing experience, which was my goal for this birth, I just never dreamed it would happen and my husband could be with me to witness this ??

The one thing I wanted to take away from this birth, was for it to feel empowering & positive


Never would have done this alone without the professional support of my Gynae- Dr Liew (so happen we’re from the same hometown). Hypnobirthing instructor- San San, Nutritionist- Dr Lin Faun and hubby Kah Chuan ❤️?

Now I’m not over here saying it was easy.. holy moly, it was painful (don’t like using that word), loud, incredibly hard & fast! But… I am so freaking proud of my body, and the female body in general for being equipped to deal with child birth physically, mentally & emotionally!

My birth experience was powerful, and I hope to share these good vibes and positive birth story, & encouraging women to feel empowered leading into birth, not fearful ?