Birth story by daddy Peng Wen


Being a Daddy For the First Time: My Sincere Appreciation and Gratitude to Dr. Karen, Nurses and Supporting Staffs from KPJ For My New Identity Making.

I would like to dedicate this letter to Dr. Karen from KPJ Hospital Taiping for her very careful and thoughtful consultation engagement.

From the day my wife and I both decided to move back to Malaysia from Sweden in August 2021, we had been trying to search for a trusted and experienced gynaecologist for my wife pregnancy check-up and labor preferably in Taiping, the hometown of both our family. Dr. Karen was highly recommended by our friends to us, and so we would also like to do the same after the cheerful and relaxing experience we encountered with her.

Dr. Karen has been very open to all our special requests and trying her best to accommodate with her best of knowledge and judgement.

We felt like we are working together on a “project” as a team. We discussed about the potential risk, we planned about the activities that could help throughout the pregnancy until labor including the songs to play, yoga ball during delivery, and also the food and nutrition for mother and baby. Every visit to Dr. Karen, we received our baby photos and observed baby’s movement through ultrasound scan.

My wife has been very concerned about some delivery procedures particularly on episiotomy and induced labor anesthesia. We explained about our birth preference as we insisted to be as natural as possible. We were very happy that Dr. Karen listened to all our requests and tried to accommodate with her best effort. Being a daddy for the first time, I felt very relief as my wife’s concerns were addressed. The cooperation had really made my life easier. ?.

With no doubts, I had been very exciting with little worry. This feeling grows when my wife feels the contraction on the day of delivery. Due to the effective communications between us and doctor, I observed my wife’s confidence and surprisingly my worries degraded. We visited Dr. Karen in the morning since the first contraction and we continued our baby shopping and had taken Nandos chicken for lunch. We continued to record the contraction frequency using the mobile app and only admitted and informed Dr. Karen when reaching frequency of 5-1-1. We brought along yoga ball, music player, mummy and baby stuff and get ourselves ready for the moment.

I felt very lucky that I had the chance to experience the whole labor process together with my wife, Dr. Karen and the nurses. We played music as planned. Finally the moment has come and I couldn’t believe that I had the chance to witness the whole process of delivery. Dr. Karen and nurses had been encouraging my wife, cheering us during the labor.

Dr. Karen even offered me a pair of gloves to receive and welcome my baby daughter, Wong Mok Man. I didn’t hesitate even a moment and put on the gloves and get myself ready. And yes I did it and baby Mokman was on my both hands! I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Karen for such offering.

The whole process took about one hour, and I had to praise my wife for braveness, effort and the 9 months pregnancy. It was really a pleasant moment for all of us and everything went very well. It has been a great journey for all of us and officially I have become a daddy.
Thank you Dr. Karen, all the nurses and staffs from KPJ! It has been a pleasant journey and moment. Finally I got my self a new identity in addition to a husband of my wife! ?

From: Mokman’s Daddy & Yunnwaon’s Husband, Wong Peng Wen