Jodie’s Birth Story


My membrane releases in the early morning. I feel like visit my doc, so I went to hospital. Vaginal dilated 3cm.

Nothing happened after it. I told doc I want to go home for rest. So during the whole day I still manage to walk on treadmill for 2 hours at slow speed. After shower and dinner, I went to hospital again to check baby’s heart rate and take antibiotics to prevent infections.

I have stronger feeling around 12 midnight, after checking baby’s heart rate. Doc promised not to do vaginal check until tomorrow morning. Around 1am, I started to feel the frequent discomfort. But still bearable.

Around 3am, the surges are getting stronger, I requested a virginal checked myself.Midwife said already 6cm. They send me to the delivery suite to stand-by.

At That time already kicked start very fast. Once admitted to the ward, my doc came in and check again. It’s 8cm. But I didn’t have time counting already. Time is meaningless at that moment.

I found that breathing techniques of HypnoBirthing is workable to reduce pain definitely.

It’s midnight, and I am quite exhausted. Good thing is the positive thinking keeps me and baby both safe and alert.

During the surges, my hubby do light touch massage for me, this is very helpful. When fully dilated, he rubs my lower back. That helps. J breathing is good. I can feel the “chi” came down to my pelvic and the pelvic bone.

Baby was looking for breast immediately after birth. Sucking heavily and totally awaked. This is a precious memory for me, it will be in my heart forever ❤️

Thanks 姍姍 for encouraging thru the whole journey. It makes a difference without you.