I’m a mother of VBAC ( vaginal birth after caesarean ) . Yes , Bowen was delivered by Caesarean , by Choice , because that time I feel thrilling for the so call 10 pain level of natural deliver, bla bla bla ??

Anyway , Caesarean mother doesn’t mean easy , it was hardest than expected , more thrilling and more restriction during a motherhood .

This time , I choosing VBAC , lot of friends failed to do natural birth after Caesarean , and many advice me don’t do so , first caesarean then better following baby also do the caesarean , even doc emphasis that is always a risk and time restriction for a mother who do VBAC , and probably will lead it failed .

God bless , I’ve made it after 32 hours contraction , truly an amazing journey for us , when I trust myself , trust my body and trust my baby .

Baby coming out in a perfect positioning without episiotomy ❤️ Both of us remind calm and steady for this 32 hours journey , everything goes as our birth preference , amazing.

Thanks for AuYong Sansan for the guide , and Vivian Anne recommend me a very good doc ❤️